Chris Drakes in 2006 - with beard.

If you have visited this website over a period of time, you may have noticed that it is a 'working project' and is regularly updated. I am always pleased to receive comments, including criticism, and try my best to keep an up-to-date and balanced view of the available data. Any help you can give me will be gratefully received and faithfully applied.

Please contact me via email if you are interested in these surnames, even if you cannot help at present. Hopefully I will be able to help you with your tree, and Id be pleased to hear from you anyway.

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How do you trust someone you don't really know? You trust what you really know about them.

Privacy Policy

I am building a record 'for posterity' and to help family members trace their ancestors.
I only keep information that is relevant to this family history research, and it will not be used for any other purpose.
I do not intend to publish data about living persons on the Internet.
I do not pass on anyone's contact details without their prior consent.
I do not have any plans to publish the family trees on the Internet, as this allows me some control over what the information is used for and who accesses it.
These precautions are for the protection of all.
However, I am willing to help family members trace their roots and provide them with their direct ancestors and siblings, where I can. No costs are involved.

This website

This website is for the free use of fellow family & local history researchers, and to attract contact from people around the world who are interested in the surnames that I am researching.
I have no commercial interest in any of the websites that I have hyperlinked on this website.
This website is totally free and obtains no outside funding from any source whatsoever.
All research has been undertaken at my own expense.
My basic rule is that I am here to try and help you with your research.
If you wish to publish anything from this website, please contact me first. There should be no objection, providing such use is acceptable and that I own the copyright, where applicable. NB. some items are the Copyright of third parties.

General information

UK Copyright Law is fairly complex. The following website provides an excellent summary, plus links for further information, which may be useful if you are considering using someone else's work, especially if you are going to publish it on the Internet: UK Copyright Law summary & Full Version.

Copyright for this website

Should you wish to make use of any text or photos that are included in this website, please ask first and have the courtesy to show this website as your source. It has taken me nearly 50 years of steady research to build my database, and over 15 years to build this website. It is nice for all this hard work to be acknowledged by those freely making use of it.