GRO B/M/D refs
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Richard Bruce Drakes, c.1913, as a toddler


In 1967, when I was nineteen, an old London policeman gave me the following advice,

"If you are lucky enough to have children when you are older, remember:

People leave the important things in life until they are too late.
Some parents only start to discipline their children at fifteen,
and some eventually resort to violence against them;
sometimes destroying any remaining 'bridge' between them
and their adolescent teenage children forever.

A child's life is in seven-year periods.
You 'make' a child by the time it is seven;
then any necessary discipline is slight and gentle.
You should 'guide' your child until it is fourteen;
this is not a time for strict discipline, but loving guidance.
You should 'just be there' for them until they are twenty-one;
Then, hopefully, you will have a 'best friend' for life.

The greatest gifts you can give a child are a happy childhood,
and the best education you can afford."

Wise words from a wise old 'London bobby'.

Chris Drakes


Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them,
but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.

You are the bows from which your children
as living arrows are sent forth.
The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite,
and He bends you with His might
that His arrows may go swift and far.
Let your bending in the archer's hand be for gladness;
For even as He loves the arrow that flies,
so He loves also the bow that is stable.

On Children from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran


General Registry Office Birth References for September 1837 to December 1905.
Published with the prior consent of General Registry Office; permission granted on 18.3.2005.

NB. These references are for guidance only; they should not be relied on to order certificates without checking, as they may contain errors. I am gradually working through these lists and re-checking for errors and omissions. I would be pleased to hear from you if you can add or amend anything. Later index references show the mother's maiden surname, but these are not currently shown here.

Quarter.Year.Surname.First Names.District.Reference.

GRO birth ref: Dec.1837.Drakes.Joseph.Louth.14.355.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1838.Drakes.Rebecca.Thorne.23.583.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1838.Dracus.(male).Farringdon.2.96.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1838.Dracass.William Henry.Ecclesall Bierlow.22.95.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1838.Drakes.Lucy Ann.Caistor.14.280.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1839.Drakes.Catherine.Louth.14.437.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1839.Drakes.John Kneave.Caistor.14.295.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1839.Drakes.Mary.Thorne.23.599.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1839.Drakes.Mary Jane.Stratton.9.305.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1839.Drakes.Elizabeth.Launceston.9.130.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1839.Drakes.Harriet.Thorne.23.619.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1839.Drakes.John Fisher.Caistor.14.292.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1839.Drakes.Charles.Louth.14.459.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1839.Drakes.Sarah.Caistor.14.303.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1840.Drakes.Charlotte.Glanford Brigg.14.366.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1840.Dracass.John.Boston.14.244.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1840.Drakes.Mary Ellen.Louth.14.445.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1840.Dracass.Mary Ann.Spilsby.14.525.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1840.Drakes.Henry.Thorne.23.594.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1841.Dracass.Jane.Ecclesall Bierlow.22.106.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1841.Drakes.Hannah.Thorne.23.639.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1841.Drakes.Robert Charles.Caistor.14.309.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1841.Drakes.Sarah Ann.Aston.16.205.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1841.Dracas.(female).Spilsby.14.537.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1841.Dracass.Mark.Boston.14.221.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1842.Drakes.John William.Glanford Brigg.14.351.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1842.Drakes.Thomas.Louth.14.466.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1842.Dracass.Susanna.Sheffield.22.609.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1842.Dracass.Thomas William.Boston.14.250.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1842.Drakes.Susanna.Caistor.14.313.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1842.Drakes.Daniel Drakes [sic].Horncastle.14.429.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1842.Richardson.Daniel Drakes [sic].Horncastle.14.429.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1842.Drakes.Elizabeth.Stratton.9.280.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1842.Drakes.George.Caistor.14.308.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1842.Drakes.William.Launceston.9.153.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1842.Drakes.Eliza.Thorne.23.581.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1842.Drakes.Richard Barmicot.Liskeard.9.160.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1843.Drakes.Sarah.Thorne.23.611.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1843.Dracas.Elizabeth Ann.Spilsby.14.591.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1843.Drakes.Betsey.Louth.14.464.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1843.Drakes.Catherine.Goole.23.254.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1843.Dracass.Samuel.Ecclesall Bierlow.22.107.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1843.Drakes.David.Caistor.14.301.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1843.Dracass.William.Boston.14.234.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1844.Drakes.Thomas.Thorne.23.637.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1844.Dracus.Elizabeth Easter.Sheffield.22.626.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1844.Drakes.Emma.Thorne.23.646.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1844.Drakes.Jane.Glanford Brigg.14.344.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1845.Drakes.Coy.Thorne.23.690.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1845.Drakes.Lucy Ann.Caistor.14.345.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1845.Drakes.John.Glanford Brigg.14.384.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1845.Dracas.Sarah Susannah.Spilsby.14.584.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1845.Dracass.Elizabeth Anne.Worcester.18.513.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1845.Drakes.Harriet.Glanford Brigg.14.356.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1845.Dracass.Charles.Ecclesall Bierlow.22.101.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1845.Dracass.Henry.Boston.14.236.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1846.Drakes.Mary.Glanford Brigg.14.372.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1846.Dracass.John Henry.Boston.14.247.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1846.Drakes.John.Caistor.14.306.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1846.Drakes.(male).Thorne.23.677.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1846.Drakes.Thomas.Thorne.23.626.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1846.Drakes.William.Louth.14.502.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1846.Dracas.Jane.Sheffield.22.640.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1847.Dracass.Emma Ruth.Spilsby.14.615.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1847.Dracass.William.Spilsby.14.562.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1847.Drakes.John.Gainsbro'.14.346.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1847.Drakes.William.Crediton.10.65.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1847.Drakes.William.Norwich.13.246.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1847.Drakes.William.Dewsbury.22.43.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1847.Drakes.William Frederick.Stow.12.397.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1847.Drakes.John William.Horncastle.14.415.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1847.Dracass.Henry.Boston.14.240.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1847.Drakes.Daniel.Louth.14.453.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1847.Dracass.Frederic.Boston.14.229.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1847.Dracass.Thomas.Boston.14.230.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1848.Drakes.Ann.Caistor.14.343.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1848.Drakes.George.Thorne.23.620.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1848.Drakes.George Cornelius.Glanford Brigg.14.381.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1848.Drakes.Joseph.Caistor.14.347.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1848.Drakes.Joseph.Glanford Brigg.14.404.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1848.Dracass.John.Ecclesall Bierlow.22.137.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1848.Drakes.Catherine.Caistor.14.324.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1848.Drakes.(male).Glanford Brigg.14.366.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1848.Dracas.Ann.Sheffield.22.623.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1849.Drakes.Mary Jane.Liskeard.9.175.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1849.Drakes.Sarah Ann.Glanford Brigg.14.410.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1849.Dracass.Elizabeth.Spilsby.14.635.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1849.Dracass.William.Boston.14.271.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1849.Drakes.Charles.Caistor.14.359.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1849.Drakes.Kitty.Launceston.9.161.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1849.Drakes.Richard.Thorne.23.723.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1849.Drakes.Joseph.Louth.14.498.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1849.Dracass.William.Boston.14.255.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1849.Drakes.Hannah.Glanford Brigg.14.369.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1849.Dracass.Caroline.Boston.14.235.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1850.Drakes.Robert.Thorne.23.654.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1850.Drakes.Sarah.Basford.15.466.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1850.Dracass.Mary Margaret.Worcester.18.559.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1850.Dracass.Ellen.Ecclesall Bierlow.22.167.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1850.Drakes.Frederic.Spalding.14.574.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1850.Drakes.John.Louth.14.520.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1850.Dracass.Eleanor.Spilsby.14.614.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1850.Drakes.Joseph.Caistor.14.340.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1850.Drakes.Sarah Jane.Glanford Brigg.14.393.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1851.Drakes.William.Thorne.23.728.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1851.Drakes.Ann Caroline.Caistor.14.353.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1851.Dracass.Mary Ann.Boston.14.267.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1851.Drakes.Charles Drakes [sic].Louth.14.513.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1851.Drakes.John Thomas.Louth.14.515.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1851.Dracass.Elizabeth Ann.Boston.14.245.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1852.Drakes.James.Horncastle.7a.489.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1852.Drakes.William.Caistor.7a.588.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1852.Dracass.Betsy.Boston.7a.351.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1852.Dracass.Mary Jane.Sheffield.9c.229.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1852.Drakes.Thomas.Caistor.7a.562.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1852.Dracass.William Andrew.Spilsby.7a.486.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1852.Drakes.Henry.Caistor.7a.560.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1853.Drakes.Ann.Gainsbro'.7a.628.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1853.Drakes.Mary.Sculcoates.9d.124.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1853.Dracass.Jane.Boston.7a.354.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1853.Drakes.Amos.Glanford Brigg.7a.582.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1853.Drakes.Hannah.Thorne.9c.406.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1853.Drakes.Jane.Glanford Brigg.7a.583.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1853.Drakes.(male).Thorne.9c.397.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1853.Drakes.Ann.Lincoln.7a.424.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1853.Drakes.Robert Lee.Caistor.7a.533.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1853.Drakes.William John.Caistor.7a.532.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1854.Drakes.Albert.Louth.7a.526.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1854.Drakes.Julia Fanny.Lincoln.7a.459.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1854.Dracass.Ann.Boston.7a.369.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1854.Dracass.Robert Mark.Boston.7a.368.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1854.Drakes.Eliza.Gainsbro'.7a.590.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1854.Drakes.Mary.Caistor.7a.553.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1854.Drakes.(female).Thorne.9c.432.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1854.Dracass.Alice.Sheffield.9c.229.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1854.Dracass.Mark.Boston.7a.314.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1854.Drakes.Benjamin.Thorne.9c.417.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1854.Drakes.Joseph.Thorne.9c.417.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1855.Drakes.Arthur Wheatley.Caistor.7a.554.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1855.Drakes.Sarah Ann.Horncastle.7a.475.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1855.Drax.Elizabeth.Howden.9d.83.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1855.Drax.Elizabeth.Howden.9d.84. [NB.there are two similar entries]
GRO birth ref: Jun.1855.Drakes.Betsy.Thorne.9c.459.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1855.Drakes.Robert Jenkinson.Thorne.9c.475.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1855.Drakes.Mary.Glanford Brigg.7a.584.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1855.Drakes.Mary Ann.Caistor.7a.567.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1855.Drakes.Richard.Glanford Brigg.7a.579.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1855.Drakes.Fred.Glanford Brigg.7a.572.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1856.Drakes.Catherine Sarah.Caistor.7a.593.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1856.Drakes.Thomas.Thorne.9c.464.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1856.Drax.William.Howden.9d.81.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1856.Dracass.Henry.Boston.7a.348.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1856.Drakes.Betsy.Thorne.9c.481.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1856.Drakes.George.Gainsbro'.7a.650.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1856.Drakes.Lewis.Caistor.7a.607.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1856.Drakes.Lucy Ann.Caistor.7a.602.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1856.Dracass.Theresa King.Worcester.6c.319.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1856.Dracass.Martha Ellen.Spilsby.7a.530.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1856.Drakes.William Wade.Louth.7a.511.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1856.Drakes.Fanny Sophia.Caistor.7a.580.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1856.Dracass.Ellen.Sheffield.9c.238.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1856.Dracass.James.Boston.7a.342.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1857.Drakes.Jane.Thorne.9c.463.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1857.Drakes.John.Thorne.9c.465.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1857.Drax.Mary Jane.Howden.9d.85.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1857.Drakes.George.Gainsbro'.7a.586.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1857.Drakes.Alice.Glanford Brigg.7a.586.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1857.Drakes.James Amos.Caistor.7a.567.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1857.Drakes.Walter.Lincoln.7a.431.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1858.Drakes.Charles.Thorne.9c.481.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1858.Drakes.Edward.Caistor.7a.582.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1858.Drakes.Thomas.Caistor.7a.582.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1858.Dracass.Albert.Boston.7a.341.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1858.Dracass.John Henry.Ecclesall Bierlow.9c.243.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1858.Drakes.Eliza.Horncastle.7a.467.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1858.Drakes.John Edward.Caistor.7a.559.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1858.Drakes.Mary Jane.Caistor.7a.565.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1858.Drakes.Mary Jane.Stratton.5c.9.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1858.Drakes.Winifred.Caistor.7a.560.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1858.Drakes.(female).Glanford Brigg.7a.567.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1858.Dracass.Joseph.Boston.7a.318.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1858.Drakes.Louisa.Glanford Brigg.7a.567.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1858.Drakes.Sarah Ann.Louth.7a.501.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1859.Drakes.Catherine.Thorne.9c.475.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1859.Drakes.Charles.Thorne.9c.475.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1859.Drakes.(male).Dorchester.5a.351.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1859.Drakes.(female).Exeter.5b.105.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1859.Drax.William Carey.Howden.9d.85.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1859.Drakes.Elizabeth Hopper.Stratton.5c.7.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1859.Drakes.Mary.Glanford Brigg.7a.601.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1859.Drakes.Susannah.Caistor.7a.586.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1860.Drakes.Charles.Glanford Brigg.7a.652.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1860.Drakes.Mary Ann.Caistor.7a.614.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1860.Drakes.Lucy.Caistor.7a.588.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1860.Drakes.Maria.Caistor.7a.583.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1860.Dracass.Ernest.Boston.7a.362.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1860.Drakes.Edward.Horncastle.7a.480.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1860.Drakes.John Charles Wheatley.Caistor.7a.545.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1860.Drakes.Charles Henry.Thorne.9c.473.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1861.Drakes.Demaris.Thorne.9c.489.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1861.Drakes.Hannah Maria.Thorne.9c.490.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1861.Dracass.Clara.Sheffield.9c.266.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1861.Dracas.John Paul.Worcester.6c.327.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1861.Drakes.John.Glanford Brigg.7a.617.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1861.Drakes.John.Caistor.7a.593.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1861.Drakes.Mildred.Caistor.7a.593.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1861.Drakes.Robert Wright.Caistor.7a.576.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1861.Drakes.Sarah Jane.Louth.7a.548.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1861.Drakes.Frances.Caistor.7a.571.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1861.Drakes.John.Caistor.7a.578.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1861.Dracass.John.Boston.7a.326.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1862.Drax.Mary Jane.Howden.9d.92.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1862.Drakes.Elizabeth.Caistor.7a.600.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1862.Drakes.William.Hunslet.9b.262.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1862.Drakes.Fanny.Horncastle.7a.481.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1862.Drakes.William Thomas.Thorne.9c.491.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1862.Drakes.Winifred.Louth.7a.535.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1863.Dracass.Elizabeth.Spilsby.7a.531.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1863.Dracas.Edith Maud Sarah.Worcester.6c.317.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1863.Drax.Mary Elizabeth.Howden.9d.79.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1863.Drakes.Bernard.Caistor.7a.627.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1863.Drakes.Eliza Mary.Caistor.7a.631.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1863.Drakes.William.Glanford Brigg.7a.653.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1863.Drakes.Arthur.Thorne.9c.481.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1863.Dracass.John Thomas.Boston.7a.339.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1863.Drakes.Catherine.Caistor.7a.591.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1863.Drakes.Catherine.Louth.7a.543.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1863.Drakes.Sarah.Thorne.9c.519.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1863.Drakes.Sarah Ann.Caistor.7a.593.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1863.Dracass.Florence.Sheffield.9c.285.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1863.Draux.(female).Wandsworth.1d.456.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1864.Drakes.Emily.Caistor.7a.600.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1864.Dracass.Arthur.Boston.7a.355.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1864.Drax.George Henry.Howden.9d.92.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1864.Drakes.Joseph.Caistor.7a.605.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1864.Drakes.Catherine.Louth.7a.547.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1864.Drakes.Harriet.Thorne.9c.523.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1864.Drakes.Maria.Caistor.7a.600.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1865.Drakes.William.Caistor.7a.613.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1865.Drakes.Betsy.Thorne.9c.581.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1865.Dracass.George.Boston.7a.373.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1865.Drakes.Emma.Glanford Brigg.7a.614.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1865.Drakes.John.Louth.7a.544.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1865.Drakes.Joseph.Caistor.7a.588.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1865.Drakes.Louisa.Glanford Brigg.7a.597.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1865.Drakes.William Alfred.Thorne.9c.547.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1865.Drakes.Jabez.Glanford Brigg.7a.589.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1865.Drakes.Mary Ann.Horncastle.7a.477.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1866.Drakes.Mary E.Caistor.7a.628.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1866.Drakes.Jane.Caistor.7a.622.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1866.Drakes.Sarah.Caistor.7a.624.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1866.Drakes.Sarah E.Glanford Brigg.7a.641.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1866.Drakes.Walter G.St. Giles.1b.484.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1866.Drakes.Fletcher.Thorne.9c.528.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1867.Drakes.Walter.Thorne.9c.562.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1867.Dracass.Henry.Bury St. Edmunds.4a.505.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1867.Drakes.Frances Eliza.Caistor.7a.639.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1867.Drakes.George Robert.Lincoln.7a.490.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1867.Drakes.Agnes Teresa.Caistor.7a.566.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1867.Drakes.Alfred.Horncastle.7a.493.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1867.Drakes.Jane Ann C.Liskeard.5c.54.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1867.Drax.Sarah Sophia.Hull.9d.190.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1867.Drakes.Albert John.St. Giles.1b.486.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1867.Drakes.Arthur Joseph.Lewisham.1d.826.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1867.Drakes.Thomas.Louth.7a.538.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1867.Drake.Frank.Crediton.5b.404.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1867.Dracass.Martha Ann.Boston.7a.351.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1868.Drakes.Daniel.Caistor.7a.652.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1868.Drakes.Emma.Thorne.9c.626.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1868.Drake.Sarah.Durham.10a.369.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1868.Dracass.Fred.Boston.7a.391.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1868.Drakes.John.Glanford Brigg.7a.668.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1868.Drakes.Sarah.Thorne.9c.584.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1868.Drakes.Hannah Minnie.Glanford Brigg.7a.629.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1868.Dracass.Caroline.Sheppey.2a.809.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1868.Drake.Frank Ernest.Shoreditch.1c.157.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1868.Drake.Sarah Ann.Bridport.5a.399.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1869.Drake.Frank.Goole.9c.632.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1869.Drakes.Arthur.Caistor.7a.659.
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GRO birth ref: Mar.1888.Drax.Lily.Sculcoates.9d.198.
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GRO birth ref: Jun.1890.Drax.George Henry.Hull.9d.279.
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GRO birth ref: Mar.1892.Dracass.Dorothy.Horncastle.7a.522.
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GRO birth ref: Sep.1894.Drakes.Harry Rowland.Gainsbro'.7a.659.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1894.Drax.Arthur.Sculcoates.9d.204.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1894.Drax.Sophia.Hull.9d.256.
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GRO birth ref: Dec.1894.Drakes.Gwendoline Annie.Horncastle.7a.560.
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GRO birth ref: Dec.1894.Drakes.Walter Wilfrid.Caistor.7a.682.
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GRO birth ref: Mar.1895.Drakes.Bertha.Rotherham.9c.791.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1895.Drakes.Florence Annie.Goole.9c.914.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1895.Drakes.Henry George.Chorlton.8c.943.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1895.Drakes.Percy.Thorne.9c.899.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1895.Drakes.Joseph Brewster.Gainsboro'.7a.749.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1895.Drax.Margaret Georgiana.E. Ashford.2a.831.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1895.Drakes.Doris Louisa.Lambeth.1d.469.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1895.Drake.Elsie.Glanford Brigg.7a.718. [Drakes]
GRO birth ref: Dec.1895.Drakes.Alice Lilian.Thorne.9c.818.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1895.Drakes.Bertha Mildred.Caistor.7a.657.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1895.Drakes.Bertram.Thorne.9c.829.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1895.Drakes.Lily.Caistor.7a.607.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1895.Drake.Emma.Lincoln.7a.485. [Drakes]
GRO birth ref: Mar.1896.Drakes.Ada.Louth.7a.595.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1896.Drakes.Walter.Barnsley.9c.281.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1896.Drakes.Frank Herbert.Caistor.7a.623.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1896.Drakes.Hannah.Doncaster.9c.836.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1896.Drakes.Ada Annie.Thorne.9c.835.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1896.Drakes.Edith.Rotherham.9c.720.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1897.Drakes.Charles William.Caistor.7a.649.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1897.Drakes.John William.Glanford Brigg.7a.719.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1897.Drakes.Kate.Caistor.7a.707.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1897.Drax.Dorothy Elizabeth E.E. Ashford.2a.841.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1897.Drakes.Ethel.Thorne.9c.840.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1897.Drakes.Evelyn May.Louth.7a.592.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1897.Drakes.George Eli.Thorne.9c.839.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1897.Drakes.Gertrude.Thorne.9c.840.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1897.Drakes.Jessie.Grimsby.7a.634.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1897.Drakes.Arthur.Barnsley.9c.272.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1897.Drakes.Stanley Lewis.Horncastle.7a.549.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1897.Drax.John.Sculcoates.9d.246.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1897.Drakes.Doris.Thorne.9c.875.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1897.Drakes.Joseph William.E. Retford.7b.20.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1898.Drakes.Harry.Goole.9c.891.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1898.Drakes.Lilian.Thorne.9c.886.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1898.Drakes.Lilian Gertrude.Thorne.9c.887.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1898.Drakes.Arthur.Glanford Brigg.7a.710.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1898.Drakes.Dorothy.Grimsby.7a.622.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1898.Drakes.Eva Gertrude.Goole.9c.859.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1898.Drakes.Miriam Lee.Caistor.7a.673.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1898.Drakes.Arthur John.Gainsbro'.7a.705.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1898.Drakes.Ida.Grimsby.7a.610.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1898.Drakess[Dracass].Frederick Ernest.Boston.7a.447.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1899.Drakes.Annie.Barnsley.9c.259.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1899.Drakes.Ivy.Rotherham.9c.772.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1899.Drakes.John.Caistor.7a.651.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1899.Drakes.Betsy Irene.Louth.7a.621.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1899.Dracass.Charles.Eccelsall Bierlow.9c.428.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1899.Drakes.Izetta.Doncaster.9c.852.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1899.Drakes.Lily.Thorne.9c.857.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1899.Drakes.Cecil.Caistor.7a.662.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1899.Drakes.Ernest.Grimsby.7a.601.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1899.Drakes.Ethel Mary.Gainsbro'.7a.708.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1899.Drakes.Olive May.Thorne.9c.884.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1900.Drakes.George Fred.Lincoln.7a.503.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1900.Drakes.Mary Eleanor.Caistor.7a.679.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1900.Drakes.Maurice Searle.Caistor.7a.679.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1900.Dracass.George.Boston.7a.450.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1900.Drakes.George Thomas.Grimsby.7a.647.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1900.Drakes.Thomas Charles.Rotherham.9c.780.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1900.Drakes.William Thomas.Thorne.9c.893.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1900.Drakes.Bernal.Thorne.9c.890.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1900.Drakes.Charles.Caistor.7a.661.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1900.Drakes.Ernestine Jemima.Coventry.6d.541.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1900.Drakes.Miriam Selina.Gainsbro'.7a.706.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1900.Drakes.Sydney.Grimsby.7a.592.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1900.Drax.George Wanley.E. Ashford.2a.818.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1901.Drakes.Cyril.Gainsbro'.7a.706.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1901.Drakes.Laurence.Louth.7a.574.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1901.Drakes.Tom.Goole.9c.939.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1901.Drakes.Martha.Goole.9c.913.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1901.Drakes.Mary.Goole.9c.913.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1901.Drakes.Annie.Caistor.7a.667.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1901.Drakes.Edith.Thorne.9c.935.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1901.Drakes.Evelyn.Thorne.9c.945.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1901.Drakes.George.Caistor.7a.674.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1901.Dracass.Sydney.Boston.7a.440.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1901.Drakes.Constance Caroline.Gainsboro'.7a.696.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1901.Drakes.Hiram.Gainsboro'.7a.690.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1902.Drakes.Dorothy.Caistor.7a.656.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1902.Drakes.Gerald.Caistor.7a.653.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1902.Drakes.Letitia Caroline.Thorne.9c.929.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1902.Drakes.Raymond Rufus.Louth.7a.597.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1902.Drakes.Thomas.Barnsley.9c.283.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1902.Drakes.Evelyn.Grimsby.7a.598.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1902.Drakes.Ivy.Rotherham.9c.811.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1903.Dracass.Olive.Ecclesall Bierlow.9c.411.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1903.Drakes.Edward Dashwood T.Caistor.7a.677.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1903.Drakes.George.Glanford Brigg.7a.691.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1903.Drakes.Ernest Foster.Thorne.9c.950.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1903.Drakes.Kate.Barnsley.9c.309.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1903.Drakes.Tom Charles.Goole.9c.956.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1904.Drakes.Doris May.Gainsbro'.7a.708.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1904.Drakes.Grace.Caistor.7a.664.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1904.Drakes.Lottie.Sculcoates.9d.216.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1904.Drakes.Mary.Caistor.7a.659.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1904.Drakes.Jessie Elizabeth.Gainsbro'.7a.744.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1904.Drakes.Marjory.Wharfedale.9a.155.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1904.Drakes.Sarah Ann.Thorne.9c.929.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1904.Drakes.Wilfred.Thorne.9c.930.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1904.Drakes.Reginald James.Pontypridd.11a.670.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1904.Dracass.Winifred.Ecclesall Bierlow.9c.463.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1905.Drakes.John James.Thorne.9c.954.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1905.Dracass.William Henry.Portsmouth.2b.477.
GRO birth ref: Mar.1905.Drakes.Edward Matthew.Newcastle T.10b.167.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1905.Drakes.Arthur.Thorne.9c.924.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1905.Drakes.Sidney.Thorne.9c.924.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1905.Drakes.Cyril Leslie.Louth.7a.590.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1905.Drakes.Jane.Barnsley.9c.288.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1905.Dracas.William Arthur J.Tiverton.5b.392.
GRO birth ref: Jun.1905.Dracass.Winifred Hilda.Portsmouth.2b.447.
GRO birth ref: Sep.1905.Drakes.Charles Edward.Glanford Brigg.7a.676.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1905.Drakes.Ellen Frances.Lincoln.7a.492.
GRO birth ref: Dec.1905.Drakes.Hannah Rebecca.Pontypridd.11a.545.

[I have not included references for the next 100 years, up to the end of 2005, as many of these people may still be living; please contact me if any of these are required]




Love is patient,
love is kind.
It does not envy,
it does not boast,
it is not proud.
It is not rude,
it is not self-seeking,
it is not easily angered,
it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil
but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects,
always trusts,
always hopes,
always perseveres.
Love never fails.

1 Corinthians 13, verses 4-7(8) from The New International Bible (NIV)


Then Almitra spoke again and said,
"And what of Marriage, master?"
And he answered saying:

You were born together,
and together you shall be forevermore.

You shall be together when the white wings
of death scatter your days.

Aye, you shall be together even in the
silent memory of God.

But let there be spaces in your togetherness,
And let the winds of the heavens dance between you.

Love one another, but make not a bond of love.
Let it rather be a moving sea between
the shores of your souls.

Fill each other's cup but drink not from one cup.
Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf.

Sing and dance together and be joyous,
but let each of you be alone,

Even as the strings of a lute are alone
though they quiver with the same music.

Give your hearts, but not into each other's keeping.
For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts.

And stand together, yet not too near together.
For the pillars of the temple stand apart,

And the oak tree and the cypress
grow not in each other's shadow.

On Marriage from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran


General Registry Office Marriage References for September 1837 to December 1935.
Published with the prior consent of General Registry Office; permission granted on 18.3.2005.

NB. These references are for guidance only; they should not be relied on to order certificates without checking, as they may contain errors. I am gradually working through these lists and re-checking for errors and omissions. I would be pleased to hear from you if you can add or amend anything. Later index references show the partners surname, but these are not currently shown here.

Quarter.Year.Surname.First Names.District.Reference.

GRO marriage ref: Dec.1837.Drakes.Daniel.Caistor.14.493.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1838.Drakes.Richard.Norwich.13.362.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1839.Drakes.John.Launceston.9.187.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1839.Dracass.William.Boston.14.363.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1840.Drakes.Frances.Louth.14.859.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1840.Dracass.Cook.Spilsby.14.1035.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1840.Dracass.Ann.Boston.14.313.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1840.Dracass.William.Boston.14.459.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1841.Drakes.John.Glanford Brigg.14.443.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1841.Drakes.Mary Ann.Caistor.14.501.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1841.Drakes.Sarah.Caistor.14.501.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1841.Drakes.Frances.Lincoln.14.615.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1841.Dracuss.Mary.Stamford.14.1051.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1842.Drakes.Thomas.East Stonehouse.9.377.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1842.Drakes.Mary.Sleaford.14.995.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1842.Dracas.John.Sheffield.22.367.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1842.Drakes.Sarah.Horncastle.14.691.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1843.Drakes.Thomas.Goole.23.219.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1843.Dracass.Emma.Boston.14.465.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1844.Drakes.James.W.London.2.222.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1844.Dracass.John.Worcester.18.662.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1844.Drakes.Francis.Horncastle.14.587.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1844.Drakes.Amos.Glanford Brigg.14.649.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1845.Drakes.Daniel.Caistor.14.381.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1845.Drakes.Elizabeth.Goole.23.235.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1845.Drakes.Sophia.Glanford Brigg.14.429.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1846.Drakes.Mary.Glanford Brigg.14.545.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1846.Dracass.John.Boston.14.351.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1846.Drakes.Joseph.Caistor.14.567.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1847.Drakes.John.Glanford Brigg.14.629.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1847.Drakes.Thomas.Caistor.14.475.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1847.Dracass.Mark.Boston.14.355.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1848.Dracass.William.Boston.14.483.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1849.Drakes.Catherine.Sculcoates.22.387.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1849.Drakes.Helen.Hull.22.244.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1849.Drakes.Isaac.Caistor.14.466.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1849.Dracass.Mary Ann.Horncastle.14.581.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1849.Dracass.Hannah.Doncaster.22.101.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1850.Drakes.John.Lincoln.14.837.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1850.Dracass.Elizabeth.Spilsby.14.1075.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1851.Drakes.John.Caistor.14.505.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1851.Drakes.Sarah.Lincoln.14.806.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1851.Drakes.Thomas.Liskeard.9.270.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1852.Dracass.Sarah Jane.Spilsby.7a.757.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1852.Drakes.John.Gainsborough.7a.1315.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1852.Drakes.Joseph.Caistor.7a.1233.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1852.Dracass.Sarah.Boston.7a.635.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1853.Drakes.Anne.Thorne.9a.563.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1853.Drakes.William.Lincoln.7a.653.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1853.Drakes.Joseph.Gainsborough.7a.1453.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1853.Drakes.Ann.Glanford Brigg.7a.1021.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1853.Drax.Sarah Charlotte.E.S.E.St. Geo. H.S.1a.404.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1853.Drakes.Mary Ann.Lincoln.7a.939.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1853.Drax.Dudding.Beverley.9d.247.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1853.Drax.William.Howden.9d.201.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1854.Drakes.Ann.Thorne.9c.643.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1854.Drakes.William.Gainsborough.7a.1379.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1854.Dracass.Sarah.Boston.7a.654.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1854.Drax.John.Beverley.9d.155.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1854.Drakes.Sarah.Lincoln.7a.977.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1855.Drakes.Robert.Pocklington.9d.144.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1856.Drakes.Edward.Caistor.7a.879.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1856.Drakes.Mary.Caistor.7a.873.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1856.Drakes.William.Stratton.5c.16.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1856.Drakes.William.Gainsborough.7a.1009.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1856.Dracass.John.Boston.7a.559.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1856.Drakes.Elizabeth.Glanford Brigg.7a.1315.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1857.Dracass.Mark Shadrach.Horncastle.7a.667.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1857.Drakes.Rebeckah.Thorne.9c.612.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1858.Drakes.Ann Elizabeth.Hull.9d.334.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1858.Drakes.Mary.Thorne.9c.592.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1858.Drakes.Mary.Gainsborough.7a.1291.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1859.Drakes.Emma.Shaftsbury.5a.352.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1859.Drakes.William.Caistor.7a.1331.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1859.Drakes.William.Glanford Brigg.7a.1378.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1860.Drakes.Joseph.Caistor.7a.829.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1860.Drax.Sarah.Hull.9d.289.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1861.Drakes.Elizabeth.Glanford Brigg.7a.797.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1861.Drakes.Maria.Caistor.7a.748.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1861.Drakes.Elizabeth.Thorne.9c.613.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1861.Drakes.Ann.Thorne.9c.621.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1861.Drakes.Elizabeth Sykes.Goole.9c.739.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1861.Drakes.Henry.Gainsborough.7a.1299.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1861.Drakes.Joseph.Strand.1b.670.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1862.Drax.Carey.London.City.1c.176.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1862.Drax.George.Glanford Brigg.7a.865.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1862.Drakes.John.Lincoln.7a.992.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1863.Drakes.Hannah.Thorne.9c.685.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1863.Drakes.Betsey.Caistor.7a.1182.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1864.Drakes.Eliza.Rotherham.9c.531.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1864.Drakes.Jane.Caistor.7a.1303.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1864.Drakes.Margaret.Thorne.9c.685.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1864.Drax.Ann Carlill.Hull.9a.332.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1864.Drakes.Jane.Glanford Brigg.7a.1232.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1865.Drakes.Mary.Rotherham.9c.559.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1865.Drakes.George.St. Giles.1b.778.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1865.Drakes.Thomas.Louth.7a.923.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1866.Dracass.Henry.Bury St. Edmunds.4a.699.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1866.Drakes.Isaac C.Caistor.7a.993.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1866.Drakes.Joseph W.Stepney.1c.917.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1866.Drakes.Richard.Hull.9d.263.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1866.Dracass.John.Boston.7a.615.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1867.Drakes.Thomas.Thorne.9c.759.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1867.Dracass.Jane.Ecclesall Bierlow.9c.289.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1867.Drakes.Catherine.Chorlton.8c.662.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1867.Drakes.Emma.Rotherham.9c.724.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1868.Dracas(s).Sarah Susannah.Spilsby.7a.1111.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1868.Drakes.Daniel.Bridlington.9d.545.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1869.Drakes.Annie Lee.Caistor.7a.1268.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1869.Dracas.William.Worcester.6c.388.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1869.Drakes.Harriet Ann.Goole.9c.878.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1869.Drakes.John William H.Guisbro.9d.842.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1869.Dracass.Mary Jane.Sheffield.9c.542.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1869.Dracass.Samuel.Sheffield.9c.433.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1870.Drakes.Thomas.Glanford Brigg.7a.1253.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1871.Drakes.Sarah.Lincoln.7a.584.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1871.Drakes.Charles Chafer.Glanford Brigg.7a.1444.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1871.Drakes.Susanna.Lincoln.7a.916.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1871.Drakes.Daniel.Caistor.7a.917.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1871.Dracass.Ellen.Ecclesall Bierlow.9c.275.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1871.Drakes.Elizabeth.Launceston.5c.55.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1872.Drakes.Charles.Caistor.7a.1391.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1873.Drakes.Joseph.Birkenhead.8a.714.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1873.Drakes.Betsy.Louth.7a.1249.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1873.Drakes.Rebecca.Thorne.9c.1137.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1874.Drakes.Amos.Glanford Brigg.7a.1602.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1874.Drakes.Daniel.Caistor.7a.1477.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1874.Dracas.Eleanor.Boston.7a.727.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1874.Dracass.Eleanor.Boston.7a.867.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1874.Drakes.Joseph.Lincoln.7a.1045.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1874.Dracass.Annie.Boston.7a.867.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1875.Drakes.George.Caistor.7a.1393.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1876.Dracass.Susan.Boston.7a.784.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1876.Drakes.Robert Lee.Caistor.7a.1434.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1877.Drakes.Coy.Thorne.9c.761.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1877.Drakes.Mary Helen.York.9d.43.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1877.Dracass.Mary Ann.Boston.7a.784.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1877.Dracass.William.Boston.7a.781.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1877.Drax.Elizabeth.Hull.9d.343.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1877.Dracass.William.Boston.7a.781.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1877.Drakes.John.Barton.8c.702.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1877.Dracas.William Andrew.Spilsby.7a.925.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1877.Dracas.Mary Margaret.Birmingham.6d.356.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1877.Dracas.Mary Margaret.Worcester.6c.490.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1878.Drakes.Charles.Thorne.9c.837.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1878.Drakes.John.Thorne.9c.837.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1878.Drakes.Sarah Ann.Middlesborough.9d.791.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1878.Dracas.Martha Helena.Spilsby.7a.1133.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1878.Drakes.Ellen.Lincoln.7a.1048.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1878.Drakes.John Thomas.Lincoln.7a.973.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1878.Drakes.Winifred.Caistor.7a.1292.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1879.Drakes.Catherine Sarah.Caistor.7a.964.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1879.Drakes.John.Gainsborough.7a.1053.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1879.Drakes.Robert John.Thorne.9c.862.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1879.Dracass.Jane.Boston.7a.821.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1880.Drakes.Albert.Louth.7a.1100.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1880.Drakes.Joseph.Lincoln.7a.902.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1880.Dracass.Robert Mark.Boston.7a.667.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1880.Dracass.Ellen.Sheffield.9c.480.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1880.Dracas.John Paul.Worcester.6c.395.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1880.Dracass.Henry.Boston.7a.582.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1880.Drax.Eliza.Stepney.1c.813.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1880.Dracass.Henry.Boston.7a.582.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1880.Dracas.John Paul.Worcester.6c.395.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1880.Drax.William Carey.Hull.9d.520.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1880.Drax.William.Hull.9d.520.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1881.Dracass.Albert.Eastbourne.2b.86.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1881.Drakes.Joseph.Thorne.9c.828.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1881.Drakes.Mary Jane.Barton.8c.791.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1881.Drakes.William John.Caistor.7a.1275.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1883.Drakes.John Edward.Islington.1b.517.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1882.Drakes.Lucy Ann.Caistor.7a.1424.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1882.Drakes.Louis.Hull.9d.405.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1882.Drakes.Sarah Ann.Louth.7a.1147.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1883.Drakes.Edward Smeeth.Stratton.5c.3.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1883.Drakes.Hannah.Thorne.9c.895.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1883.Drakes.Catherine.Glanford Brigg.7a.1399.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1883.Drakes.Charles.Thorne.9c.1099.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1883.Drax.Mary Jane.Hull.9d.545.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1884.Drakes.Annie.Louth.7a.1321.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1884.Drakes.Charles.Glanford Brigg.7a.1517.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1884.Drakes.Rhoda Kate.Lincoln.7a.755.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1884.Drakes.Louisa Jane.Glanford Brigg.7a.1363.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1884.Dracass.William.Doncaster.9c.992.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1885.Dracass.Mark.Boston.7a.503.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1885.Dracas.William.Marylebone.1a.1156.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1885.Drax.Mary Elizabeth.St. Olave.1d.551.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1886.Drakes.Winifred.Louth.7a.1220.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1886.Drakes.Harriet.Thorne.9c.803.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1886.Drakes.Mary Ann.West Ham.4a.233.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1886.Dracas.Edith Maud S.Worcester.6c.354.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1887.Drakes.William.Islington.1b.478a.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1887.Drakes.John.Gainsborough.7a.1107.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1887.Drakes.Cathrine.Gainsborough.7a.1329.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1887.Drakes.Sarah Jane.Gainsborough.7a.1328.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1888.Drakes.Sarah Jane.Poplar.1c.794.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1888.Drakes.Charles.Thorne.9c.969.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1888.Drakes.Elizabeth Hopper.Stratton.5c.1.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1888.Dracass.Betsey Ann B.Boston.7a.798.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1888.Drax.George Henry.Sculcoates.9d.343.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1888.Dracass.Betsey Ann B.Boston.7a.798.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1889.Drakes.Mildred.Caistor.7a.800.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1889.Drakes.Catharine.Louth.7a.1237.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1889.Drakes.Joseph.Ashby Z.7a.204.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1889.Drakes.Maria.Caistor.7a.1091.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1889.Drakes.Walter George.Lambeth.1d.747.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1889.Drakes.Damaris.Keighley.9a.289.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1889.Drakes.Mary Jane.Stratton.5c.3.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1889.Drakes.Robert Lee.Caistor.7a.1257.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1889.Drax.Sarah Sophia.Hull.9d.503.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1890.Dracas.Beatrice Marion.Worcester.6c.355.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1890.Dracass.Caroline.Portsea.2b.653.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1890.Drakes.Mary Ann.Glanford Brigg.7a.1494.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1890.Drakes.Mary Ann.Glanford Brigg.7a.1557.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1890.Dracas.William.Hampstead.1a.1280.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1890.Drakes.Jabez.Sculcoates.9d.206.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1890.Dracass.Thomas William.Downham.4b.599.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1890.Drakes.John.Gainsborough.7a.1382.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1890.Drakes.Walter.Goole.9c.1283.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1890.Drakes.William Alfred.Gainsborough.7a.1345.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1891.Drakes.George.Thorne.9c.1101.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1891.Drakes.Hannah Maria.Sculcoates.9d.289.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1891.Drakes.John.Bingham.7b.679.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1891.Drakes.Frederick.Caistor.7a.1371.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1892.Drakes.George.Hull.9d.361.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1892.Dracass.Bessie.Portsea.2b.720.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1892.Dracass.John Thomas.Edmonton.3a.367.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1892.Drakes.Catherine.Kensington.1a.356.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1892.Drakes.Sarah.Caistor.7a.1152.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1892.Drax.Wanley Ellis S.E.Kensington.1a.244.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1893.Drakes.Annie Maria.Sculcoates.9d.206.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1893.Drakes.Beatrice Fanny.Spilsby.7a.1035.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1893.Drakes.Daniel.Caistor.7a.1180a.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1893.Drakes.Moses.Thorne.9c.999.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1894.Drakes.Herbert Macknell.Caistor.7a.1369.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1894.Drax.Florence Beatrice.St.Olave.1d.554.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1894.Dracup.George Enoch.Newcastle.T.10b.21
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1894.Drakes.Cooper.Glanford Brigg.7a.1413.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1894.Drakes.Henry.Charlton.8c.1322.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1894.Drakes.Mary Ellen.Lincoln.7a.1071.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1895.Drakes.Mary Ann.Sculcoates.9d.236.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1895.Drakes.Sarah.Glanford Brigg.7a.1618.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1895.Dracass.Alice.Ecclesall Bierlow.9c.485.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1895.Drakes.Thomas.Pocklington.9d.151.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1895.Drakes.Walter.Barnsley.9c.338.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1896.Drakes.Charles William.Caistor.7a.893.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1896.Drakes.Alice.Gainsbro'.7a.1721.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1896.Drakes.Thomas.Caistor.7a.1563.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1897.Drakes.Alfred.Caistor.7a.1659.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1897.Drakes.Dan E.Retford.7b.17.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1897.Drakes.Elizabeth Ann F.Thorne.9c.1139.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1897.Drakes.Thomas.Goole.9c.1179.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1897.Drakes.Annie Elizabeth.Glanford Brigg.7a.1487.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1897.Drakes.Burtwhistle.Thorne.9c.1342.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1898.Dracass.Charles.Ecclesall Bierlow.9c.359.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1898.Drakes.Sarah Ann.Lincoln.7a.1270.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1899.Drakes.Alice Louisa.St. Giles.1b.1124.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1899.Drakes.Joseph.Gainsborough.7a.1856.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1899.Drakes.Elizabeth.Gainsborough.7a.1531.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1899.Dracup.John.Newcastle.T.10b.32
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1899.Drakes.Hannah.Bridlington.9d.738.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1899.Drakes.Mary Ann.Bridlington.9d.738.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1900.Drakes.John William.Doncaster.9c.1339.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1900.Drakes.Elizabeth.Sculcoates.9d.290.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1900.Drakes.Emma.Grimsby.7a.1410.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1900.Drakes.Sarah.Gainsborough.7a.1711.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1900.Drakes.William Wade.Grimsby.7a.1498.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1900.Drax.Ann Ellen.Sculcoates.9d.420.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1901.Dracass.William Henry.Portsmouth.2b.628.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1901.Drakes.Henry.Caistor.7a.1721.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1901.Drakes.Hannah Eliza.Glanford Brigg.7a.1521.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1901.Dracass.John.Portsmouth.2b.1139.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1901.Dracup.Mary Ellen.Newcastle.T.10b.95
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1901.Dracass.John.Portsmouth.2b.439.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1902.Drakes.Sarah Annie.Caistor.7a.1507.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1902.Dracass.Miriam Ann.Portsmouth.2b.856.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1903.Drakes.Jim.Thorne.9c.1291.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1903.Drakes.Joseph.Lincoln.7a.1043.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1904.Drakes.John Robert.Thorne.9c.945.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1904.Drakes.Moses.Thorne.9c.943.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1904.Dracass.Lizzie Maud.Boston.7a.555.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1904.Dracas.Arthur Major.Tiverton.5b.903.
GRO marriage ref: Sept.1904.Drakes.Frederick.Pontypridd.11a.1042.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1904.Dracass.Percy.Ecclesall Bierlow.9c.516.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1904.Drakes.Edward Matthew.Newcastle.T.10b.227.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1904.Drakes.Matthew.Newcastle.T.10b.227.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1904.Drakes.Lillian Robinson.Basford.7b.303.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1904.Dracas.John Paul.Newcastle.L.6b.101.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1905.Drakes.George William.Glanford Brigg.7a.998.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1905.Dracas.William.Spilsby.7a.1439.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1905.Drakes.Annie.Doncaster.9c.1371.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1905.Drakes.Joseph Hedley V.Lincoln.7a.1305.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1905.Drakes.Sarah.Newark.7b.921.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1905.Dracas.William.Spilsby.7a.1439.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1905.Drakes.Elias.Lincoln.7a.1117.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1905.Dracass.Fred Osman N.Boston.7a.971.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1906.Drakes.Alica Mary.Thorne.9c.947.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1906.Drakes.Alice.Sculcoates.9d.191.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1906.Drakes.Hannah Frances.Lincoln.7a.621.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1906.Drakes.Sarah Gertrude.Glanford Brigg.7a.975.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1906.Drakes.Mabel.Lincoln.7a.1165.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1906.Dracas.Ellen.Spilsby.7a.1422.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1906.Drakes.Mary Cock.Launceston.5c.33.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1906.Drakes.Mary Frances.Glanford Brigg.7a.1487.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1906.Drakes.Harry.Gainsbro'.7a.1629.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1907.Dracass.George William.Norwich.4b.169.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1907.Drakes.Jane.Rotherham.9c.1186.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1907.Drakes.Moses.Thorne.9c.1451.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1907.Drakes.Thomas Edwin.Lincoln.7a.1295.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1907.Dracup.Henrietta.Newcastle.T.10b.102
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1907.Drakes.William.Glanford Brigg.7a.1637.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1908.Drakes.John William.Newark.7b.641.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1908.Drakes.Fred.Glanford Brigg.7a.1801.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1908.Drakes.Ezra.Caistor.7a.1461.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1908.Drakes.Frederick Daines.Grimsby.7a.1377.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1908.Drakes.Thomas George.Thorne.9c.1319.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1908.Drax.Lily.Sculcoates.9d.289.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1909.Drakes.Charles Edward.Glanford Brigg.7a.1083.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1909.Drakes.Reuben.Warwick.6d.720.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1909.Drakes.Mildred.Lincoln.7a.1161.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1909.Drakes.Walter.Gainsbro'.7a.1851.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1909.Drakes.Angelina Elizabeth.Lincoln.7a.1039.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1909.Drakes.Edith Ann.Caistor.7a.1421.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1909.Drakes.William.Thorne.9c.1496.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1910.Drakes.Charles.Gainsbro'.7a.1653.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1910.Drakes.Ernest.Doncaster.9c.1174.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1910.Drakes.Frank.Louth.7a.1377.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1911.Drakes.George W.Glanford Brigg.7a.1047. [error; see below]
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1911.Drakes.George C.Glanford Brigg.7a.1046a.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1911.Dracass.Mary.Portsmouth.2b.758.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1911.Drakes.Daniel M.Spilsby.7a.1499.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1911.Drakes.Hannah E.Rotherham.9c.1213.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1911.Drakes.John.Chelmsford.4a.1241.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1912.Drakes.Winifred K.Pancras.1b.126.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1912.Drakes.Alice M.Gainsbro'.7a.1781.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1912.Drakes.George.Gainsbro'.7a.1744.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1912.Drakes.George.Glanford Brigg.7a.1688.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1912.Drakes.William C.Lincoln.7a.1283.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1913.Drakes.Ernest W.Rotherham.9c.1131.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1913.Drakes.John W.Caistor.7a.1497.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1913.Drakes.Joseph H.Farnham.2a.241.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1913.Drakes.Edith H.C.Lincoln.7a.1229.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1913.Drakes.Eliza M.Lincoln.7a.1124.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1914.Drakes.Gwendoline A.Lincoln.7a.1369.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1914.Drakes.Janet.Glanford Brigg.7a.1897.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1914.Drakes.Margaret A.Thorne.9c.1669.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1914.Drakes.Alicia L.Thorne.9c.1749.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1914.Drakes.Fletcher.Thorne.9c.1753.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1915.Drakes.Bernard J.Grimsby.7a.1918.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1915.Drakes.Lily.Grimsby.7a.2006.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1915.Drakes.Albert F.Doncaster.9c.2006.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1915.Drakes.Richard C.Boston.7a.1325.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1915.Dracass.William R.Edmonton.3a.753.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1916.Dracass.Clara.Ecclesall Bierlow.9c.713.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1916.Drakes.Evelyn C.Lincoln.7a.1269.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1916.Drakes.Wilfred.Grimsby.7a.1629.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1916.Dracass.Albert E.Rochford.4a.1330.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1916.Dracass.Herbert.West.Ham.4a.623.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1916.Drakes.Olive M.Thorne.9c.1430.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1916.Drakes.Harry.Thorne.9c.1431.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1916.Drakes.Lillian A.Lambeth.1d.448.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1917.Drakes.Agnes.Leeds.9b.561.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1917.Drakes.Doris L.Wandsworth.1d.746.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1917.Drakes.Herbert.Grimsby.7a.989.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1917.Drakes.James H.W.Hartlepool.10a.173.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1917.Drakes.Edith C.Caistor.7a.1405.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1917.Drakes.Frank F.Dartford.2a.1464.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1917.Drakes.John B.Horncastle.7a.1098.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1917.Drakes.Annie.Glanford B.7a.1511.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1918.Drakes.Dorothy.Grimsby.7a.1280.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1918.Drakes.Joseph W.Gainsbro'.7a.1449.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1918.Drakes.Florence A.Goole.9c.1642.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1918.Drakes.Florence A.Lewisham.1a.1835.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1918.Drakes.Harold O.Glanford B.7a.1559.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1918.Drakes.Annie M.Caistor.7a.1537.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1918.Drakes.Thomas.Thorne.9c.1625.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1918.Drakes.Ben C.Glanford B.7a.1705.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1918.Drakes.Benjamin H.Gateshead.10a.1572.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1918.Drakes.Joseph.Caistor.7a.1617.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1918.Drakes.Mary O.Goole.9c.1597.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1918.Drakes.Sarah M.Lincoln.7a.1173.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1918.Drakes.William.Caistor.7a.1617.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1919.Drakes.Annie.Doncaster.9c.1199.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1919.Drakes.Fred G.Lincoln.7a.1421.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1919.Drakes.Joseph B.Glanford B.7a.1949.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1919.Drakes.Lillian G.Kings.Lynn.4b.928.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1919.Dracass.Charles E.Boston.7a.1164a.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1920.Drakes.Charles W.Grimsby.7a.1300.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1920.Drakes.Evelyn.Thorne.9c.1528.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1920.Drakes.Edith.Rotherham.9c.1917.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1920.Drakes.Reuben.Lincoln.7a.1778.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1920.Drakes.Bernal.Rotherham.9c.1907.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1920.Drakes.Fred.Gainsbro'.7a.2197.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1920.Drakes.Lilly.Thorne.9c.2227.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1920.Drakes.Miriam L.Lincoln.7a.1521.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1920.Drakes.Robert T.Lincoln.7a.1521.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1920.Drakes.Ethel.Doncaster.9c.1900.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1920.Drakes.Loveday A.Launceston.5c.69.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1920.Drakes.William J.S.Launceston.5c.63.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1921.Drakes.Evelyn.Grimsby.7a.1559.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1921.Drakes.Evelyn M.Grimsby.7a.1459.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1921.Drakes.John.Grantham.7a.1110.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1921.Drakes.Jessie V.Grimsby.7a.1475.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1921.Dracass.Mark.Portsmouth.2b.1197.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1921.Drakes.Sarah A.Thorne.9c.1783.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1921.Drakes.Frederick W.Caistor.7a.1735.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1921.Drakes.George T.Grimsby.7a.1687.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1922.Drakes.Marjorie G.Huddersfield.9a.746.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1922.Drakes.Sidney.Louth.7a.1647.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1922.Drakes.Cecil.Grimsby.7a.1676.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1922.Drakes.Florence M.Grimsby.7a.1406.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1923.Dracass.Charles.Ecclesall Bierlow.9c.833.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1923.Drakes.Ada.Horncastle.7a.1439.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1923.Drakes.Charles H.Portsmouth.2b.1111.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1923.Drax.John.Sculcoates.9d.541.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1923.Drakes.George E.Thorne.9c.1759.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1924.Drakes.Arthur.Gainsbro'.7a.1187.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1924.Drakes.Ethel M.Gainsbro'.7a.1197.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1924.Drakes.Kate.Caistor.7a.1789.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1924.Drakes.Walter.Barnsley.9c.536.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1924.Drakes.Ethel.Thorne.9c.1861.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1924.Drakes.Laura.Gainsbro'.7a.1903.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1924.Drakes.Reginald W.Hastings.2b.43.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1924.Drakes.Mary E.Caistor.7a.1615.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1925.Dracass.Arthur T.H.Boston.7a.663.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1925.Drakes.Tom.Thorne.9c.1860.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1925.Drakes.Bertram.Doncaster.9c.1771.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1925.Drakes.George.Grimsby.7a.1600a.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1925.Drakes.Percy.Staines.3a.19.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1926.Drakes.Arthur.Thorne.9c.1079.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1926.Drakes.Betsy I.Grimsby.7a.1547.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1926.Drakes.Edith E.Lambeth.1d.407.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1926.Drakes.Samuel B.Gainsbro'.7a.1849.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1926.Drakes.Jessie E.Gainsbro'.7a.1839.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1926.Drakes.Walter W.Caistor.7a.1661.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1926.Drakes.Constance C.Gainsbro'.7a.1665.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1926.Drakes.Margaret.Caistor.7a.1509.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1927.Drakes.George W.Caistor.7a.1107.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1927.Drakes.John.Mansfield.7b.279.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1928.Dracass.Charles.Ecclesall Bierlow.9c.977.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1928.Drakes.Annie.Louth.7a.1641.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1928.Drakes.Hannah R.Pontypridd.11a.1313.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1928.Drax.Margaret G.S.E.East.Ashford.2a.2295.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1928.Drakes.Florence M.Glanford Brigg.7a.1736.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1928.Drakes.Sydney.Grimsby.7a.1591.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1928.Dracas.William A.J.Richmond.S.2a.1301.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1929.Drakes.Alfred J.Croydon.2a.1239.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1929.Drakes.Ida.Grimsby.7a.1785.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1929.Drakes.Wilfred.Thorne.9c.2147.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1929.Drakes.John W.Thorne.9c.1936.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1930.Drakes.Algernon C.Lincoln.7a.1409.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1931.Drakes.Lily.Grimsby.7a.1006.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1931.Drakes.Arthur.Goole.9c.2058.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1931.Drakes.Kate C.Lincoln.7a.1372.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1931.Drakes.Charles.Mutford.4a.3355.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1931.Drakes.Marjorie G.St.Albans.3a.2933.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1931.Drakes.Thomas.Manchester.N.8d.1645.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1931.Dracass.Winifred.Sheffield.9c.1517.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1931.Drakes.Lois.[female].Gainsbro'.7a.1926.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1932.Drakes.Gerald.Banbury.3a.2723.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1932.Drakes.Raymond R.Caistor.7a.1511.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1932.Dracass.William.Spilsby.7a.1271.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1932.Drakes.Dorothy.Caistor.7a.1517.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1932.Drakes.Gladys M.Thorne.9c.2099.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1932.Drakes.Mabel E.Lincoln.7a.1419.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1933.Drakes.Ethel M.Thorne.9c.2085.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1933.Drakes.May.Newark.7b.1191.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1933.Drakes.Herbert M.Grimsby.7a.1789.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1933.Drakes.Mary.Barnsley.9c.643.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1933.Drakes.Rose W.Stamford.7a.921.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1934.Drakes.Cyril.Gainsbro'.7a.2027.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1934.Drakes.George.Glanford Brigg.7a.1950.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1934.Dracass.Leslie G.Norwich.4b.303.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1934.Drakes.Damaras.Barnsley.9c.592.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1934.Drakes.Dorothy.Mansfield.7b.323.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1935.Drakes.Florence M.Glanford Brigg.7a.1261.
GRO marriage ref: Mar.1935.Drakes.Jessie.Lincoln.7a.835.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1935.Drakes.Daniel.Lincoln.7a.1532.
GRO marriage ref: Jun.1935.Drakes.Joseph W.Lincoln.7a.1528.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1935.Drakes.Hannah F.E.Lincoln.7a.1541.
GRO marriage ref: Sep.1935.Dracass.Winifred M.Portsmouth.2b.1336.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1935.Drakes.Ernest.Glanford Brigg.7a.1908.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1935.Drakes.Ernest W.Thorne.9c.2103.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1935.Drakes.Kathleen M.Stamford.7a.959.
GRO marriage ref: Dec.1935.Drakes.Thomas W.Glanford Brigg.7a.1847.

[I have not included references for the next 70 years, up to the end of 2005, as many of these people may still be living; please contact me if any of these are required]




In Loving Memory of Ellen, the beloved wife of William Drakes
died Aug. 27th 1929, aged 54.
"Peace, Perfect Peace"


"What wonderous beauty did these eyes behold;
What tender words of love these lips did speak;
Yet, even the worms will reject these bones,
But the soul and the love will live forever"
                from South African Masonic Ritual


General Registry Office Death References for September 1837 to December 1993.
Published with the prior consent of General Registry Office; permission granted on 18.3.2005.

NB. These references are for guidance only; they should not be relied on to order certificates without checking, as they may contain errors. I am gradually working through these lists and re-checking for errors and omissions. I would be pleased to hear from you if you can add or amend anything. Later index references show the date of birth, but these are not currently shown here.

Quarter.Year.Surname.First Names.District.Reference.(age shown only 1866 onwards)

GRO death ref: Jun.1838.Drakes.Ann.Lancaster.9.94.
GRO death ref: Jun.1838.Drakes.Catherine.Glanford Brigg.14.231.
GRO death ref: Sep.1838.Drakes.Ann.Caistor.14.161.
GRO death ref: Mar.1839.Drakes.Jonathan.Brigg.14.253.
GRO death ref: Mar.1839.Drakes.Mary.Brigg.14.254.
GRO death ref: Jun.1839.Drakes.Mary Jane.Stratton.9.171.
GRO death ref: Sep.1839.Drakes.Harriet.Thorne.23.395.
GRO death ref: Dec.1839.Dracass.Henry Hukin.Sheffield.22.420.
GRO death ref: Mar.1840.Drakes.Daniel.Manchester.20.499.
GRO death ref: Jun.1840.Drakes.Catherine.Caistor.14.225.
GRO death ref: Jun.1840.Drakes.John.Caistor.14.213.
GRO death ref: Sep.1840.Drakes.Elizabeth.Caistor.14.196.
GRO death ref: Sep.1840.Drakes.Sarah.Horncastle.14.263.
GRO death ref: Mar.1840.Dracass.William Henry.Ecclesall Bierlow.22.83.
GRO death ref: Sep.1840.Dracass.Sarah.Spilsby.14.343.
GRO death ref: Sep.1841.Drakes.Daniel.Caistor.14.207.
GRO death ref: Sep.1841.Drakes.Frances.Caistor.14.204.
GRO death ref: Sep.1841.Drakes.Lucy.Caistor.14.205.
GRO death ref: Dec.1841.Drakes.Daniel.Caistor.14.208.
GRO death ref: Dec.1841.Drakes.Jonathan.Hull.22.252.
GRO death ref: Dec.1841.Dracas.(female).Spilsby.14.364.
GRO death ref: Sep.1842.Drakes.John Kneave.Caistor.14.205.
GRO death ref: Dec.1842.Drakes.Thomas.Louth.14.288.
GRO death ref: Mar.1842.Dracas.George.Caistor.14.204.
GRO death ref: Jun.1842.Dracass.Susanna.Sheffield.22.376.
GRO death ref: Mar.1843.Drakes.Daniel.Caistor.14.230.
GRO death ref: Mar.1843.Drakes.Mary.Thorne.23.453.
GRO death ref: Mar.1843.Drakes.Sarah.Thorne.23.453.
GRO death ref: Jun.1843.Drakes.Catherine.Goole.23.170.
GRO death ref: Jun.1844.Drakes.John Arthur.West London.2.186.
GRO death ref: Sep.1844.Drakes.Bridget.Thorne.23.417.
GRO death ref: Sep.1844.Drakes.William.Launceston.9.103.
GRO death ref: Dec.1845.Drakes.Ann.Caistor.14.185.
GRO death ref: Dec.1845.Drakes.Carey.Glanford Brigg.14.216.
GRO death ref: Jun.1846.Drakes.James.Lincoln.14.285.
GRO death ref: Sep.1846.Drakes.(male).Thorne.23.521.
GRO death ref: Sep.1846.Drakes.Jane.Stratton.9.165.
GRO death ref: Dec.1846.Dracas.Jane.Sheffield.22.64.
GRO death ref: Mar.1847.Drakes.Elizabeth.Glanford Brigg.14.327.
GRO death ref: Jun.1847.Dracass.Charles.Ecclesall Bierlow.22.84.
GRO death ref: Jun.1848.Drakes.Ellen.Belper.19.345.
GRO death ref: Dec.1848.Drakes.Catherine.Caistor.14.227.
GRO death ref: Mar.1848.Dracass.John.Sheffield.22.450.66
GRO death ref: Jun.1848.Dracas.Jane.Sheffield.22.518.
GRO death ref: Sep.1848.Dracass.Mark William.Boston.14.172.
GRO death ref: Dec.1848.Dracass.John.Ecclesall Bierlow.22.82.
GRO death ref: Mar.1849.Drakes.John.Launceston.9.103.
GRO death ref: Sep.1849.Dracus.Ann.Sheffield.22.689.
GRO death ref: Mar.1850.Drakes.Elizabeth.Thorne.23.468.
GRO death ref: Jun.1850.Drakes.Maria.Caistor.14.229.
GRO death ref: Mar.1851.Drakes.Thomas.Caistor.14.237.
GRO death ref: Dec.1851.Drakes.Charles.Louth.14.301.
GRO death ref: Dec.1851.Drakes.Charlotte.Glanford Brigg.14.238.
GRO death ref: Mar.1851.Dracus.John.Sheffield.22.499.
GRO death ref: Mar.1851.Drake.Mary.Glanford Brigg.14.267.
GRO death ref: Mar.1852.Drakes.(male).Glanford Brigg.7a.393.
GRO death ref: Jun.1852.Drakes.Catherine.Launceston.5c.17.
GRO death ref: Jun.1852.Drakes.Susanna.Louth.7a.362.
GRO death ref: Sep.1852.Drakes.Mary Ann.Louth.7a.352.
GRO death ref: Mar.1852.Drax.Elizabeth.York.9d.6.
GRO death ref: Jun.1852.Drakes.John.Stratton.5c.5.
GRO death ref: Sep.1853.Drakes.(male).Thorne.9c.257.
GRO death ref: Dec.1853.Dracass.Helen.Spilsby.7a.322.
GRO death ref: Jun.1854.Drakes.Martha.Stratton.5c.6.
GRO death ref: Sep.1854.Drakes.(female).Thorne.9c.300.
GRO death ref: Mar.1854.Drax.Jane Frances S.E.Wareham.5a.235.
GRO death ref: Mar.1855.Drakes.Ann.Glanford Brigg.7a.498.
GRO death ref: Sep.1855.Drakes.Robert Jenkinson.Gainsborough.7a.330.
GRO death ref: Dec.1855.Drakes.Richard.Glanford Brigg.7a.359.
GRO death ref: Dec.1855.Drakes.Sarah.Glanford Brigg.7a.360.
GRO death ref: Mar.1855.Drax.Elizabeth.Howden.9d.63.
GRO death ref: Sep.1855.Dracass.William.Boston.7a.183.
GRO death ref: Jun.1856.Dracass.Thomas.Spilsby.7a.303.
GRO death ref: Jun.1856.Drakes.Betsey.Thorne.9c.273.
GRO death ref: Jun.1856.Drakes.Elizabeth.Thorne.9c.273.
GRO death ref: Sep.1857.Dracass.Teresa King.Worcester.6c.178.
GRO death ref: Mar.1858.Drakes.John.Glanford Brigg.7a.484.
GRO death ref: Jun.1858.Drakes.Edward.Caistor.7a.382.
GRO death ref: Jun.1858.Drakes.Mary Ann.Glanford Brigg.7a.396.
GRO death ref: Jun.1858.Drakes.William.Lincoln.7a.300.
GRO death ref: Sep.1858.Drakes.(female).Glanford Brigg.7a.386.
GRO death ref: Dec.1858.Drakes.Betsey.Thorne.9c.339.
GRO death ref: Dec.1858.Drakes.Julia Fanny.Lincoln.7a.330.
GRO death ref: Dec.1858.Dracus.Alice.Sheffield.9c.182.
GRO death ref: Mar.1858.Drake.Alice.Glanford Brigg.7a.484.
GRO death ref: Jun.1859.Drakes.Arthur.Caistor.7a.371.
GRO death ref: Sep.1859.Drakes.Catherine.Thorne.9c.285.
GRO death ref: Sep.1859.Drakes.Mary.Glanford Brigg.7a.381.
GRO death ref: Dec.1859.Drax.Mary Jane.Howden.9d.65.
GRO death ref: Sep.1860.Drakes.John Charles Wheatly.Caistor.7a.303.
GRO death ref: Mar.1860.Drax.Dudding.Howden.9d.77.
GRO death ref: Mar.1861.Drakes.Mary.Caistor.7a.383.
GRO death ref: Mar.1861.Drakes.Sarah.Caistor.7a.384.
GRO death ref: Sep.1861.Drakes.Edward.Horncastle.7a.319.
GRO death ref: Sep.1861.Drakes.Winifred.Caistor.7a.389.
GRO death ref: Dec.1861.Drakes.Robert Dwight.Caistor.7a.332.
GRO death ref: Dec.1861.Drakes.William.Thorne.9c.297.
GRO death ref: Jun.1862.Drakes.Hannah Maria.Thorne.9c.319.
GRO death ref: Jun.1862.Drakes.John.Glanford Brigg.7a.373.
GRO death ref: Sep.1863.Drakes.Anne Teresa.Caistor.7a.412.
GRO death ref: Sep.1863.Drakes.Sarah.Darlington.10a.2.
GRO death ref: Dec.1863.Drakes.Mary.West Ham.4a.7.
GRO death ref: Dec.1863.Drakes.Sarah.Thorne.9c.353.
GRO death ref: Sep.1863.Dracass.William.Spilsby.7a.364.
GRO death ref: Mar.1864.Drax.William.Hull.9d.137.
GRO death ref: Sep.1864.Dracass.John Henry.Sheffield.9c.177.
GRO death ref: Dec.1864.Dracass.Mary Ann.Lincoln.7a.283.
GRO death ref: Jun.1865.Drakes.Amos.Glanford Brigg.7a.394.
GRO death ref: Sep.1865.Drakes.Jane.Glanford Brigg.7a.400.
GRO death ref: Sep.1865.Drakes.Richard.Goole.9c.389.
GRO death ref: Mar.1866.Drakes.Betsy.Thorne.9c.443. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1866.Drakes.John.Glanford Brigg.7a.405. aged 45
GRO death ref: Sep.1866.Drakes.Sarah E.Glanford Brigg.7a.350. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1866.Dracass.Sarah.Boston.7a.236. aged 75
GRO death ref: Jun.1866.Drakes.Charles.Nottingham.buried: 6.4.1866. aged 66
GRO death ref: Sep.1867.Drakes.Agnes Teresa.Caistor.7a.351. aged 0
GRO death ref: Dec.1867.Drakes.Thomas John.Thorne.9c.353. aged 11
GRO death ref: Dec.1867.Dracass.Henry.Medway.2a.232. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1868.Drakes.Alfred.Horncastle.7a.345. aged 0
GRO death ref: Jun.1868.Drakes.Emma.Thorne.9c.361. aged 0
GRO death ref: Sep.1868.Drakes.Hannah.Glanford Brigg.7a.453. aged 18
GRO death ref: Mar.1868.Dracass.Martha Ann.Boston.7a.258. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1869.Drakes.James.Thorne.9c.436. aged 62
GRO death ref: Mar.1869.Drakes.John.Glanford Brigg.7a.418. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1869.Drakes.Mildred.Louth.7a.371. aged 0
GRO death ref: Jun.1869.Drakes.Edward.Horncastle.7a.329. aged 82
GRO death ref: Dec.1869.Drakes.Ann.Horncastle.7a.334. aged 40
GRO death ref: Dec.1869.Drakes.William Thomas.Thorne.9c.428. aged 7
GRO death ref: Mar.1869.Dracass.Ruth.Horncastle.7a.337. aged 79
GRO death ref: Dec.1869.Dracass.Caroline.Boston.7a.239. aged 19
GRO death ref: Mar.1870.Drakes.Charles Henry.Thorne.9c.439. aged 0
GRO death ref: Jun.1870.Drakes.(female).Caistor.7a.366. aged 0
GRO death ref: Sep.1870.Drakes.Ada Susannah.Woolwich.1d.610. aged 0
GRO death ref: Dec.1870.Drakes.Arthur Francis.Caistor.7a.385. aged 0
GRO death ref: Dec.1870.Drakes.Frances.Caistor.7a.405. aged 81
GRO death ref: Dec.1870.Drakes.Joseph.Lewes.2b.100. aged 86
GRO death ref: Mar.1870.Dracass.Mary Ann.Boston.7a.271. aged 59
GRO death ref: Sep.1870.Dracass.Betsey.Boston.7a.271. aged 18
GRO death ref: Mar.1871.Drakes.Rebecca.Glanford Brigg.7a.452. aged 56
GRO death ref: Mar.1871.Drax.George.Sheffield.9c.303. aged 53
GRO death ref: Jun.1871.Drax.Carey.St. Olave.1d.179. aged 36
GRO death ref: Sep.1871.Dracass.Emma Ruth.Spilsby.7a.333. aged 6
GRO death ref: Jun.1872.Drakes.Stephen.Goole.9c.410. aged 0
GRO death ref: Dec.1872.Drakes.Frank.Goole.9c.389. aged 4
GRO death ref: Dec.1872.Drakes.Fred.Goole.9c.388. aged 2
GRO death ref: Mar.1873.Drakes.John.Caistor.7a.437. aged 0
GRO death ref: Jun.1873.Drakes.Ann.Hull.9d.143. aged 46
GRO death ref: Jun.1873.Drakes.Thomas.Strand.1b.332. aged 73
GRO death ref: Dec.1873.Drakes.Sarah Jane.Lincoln.7a.312. aged 0
GRO death ref: Jun.1873.Dracas.Sargenson.Boston.7a.254. aged 26
GRO death ref: Jun.1873.Dracass.James.Boston.7a.246. aged 15
GRO death ref: Dec.1873.Dracus.John.Boston.7a.242. aged 34
GRO death ref: Mar.1874.Drakes.Henry.Thorne.9c.422. aged 33
GRO death ref: Mar.1874.Drakes.Selina.Caistor.7a.411. aged 0
GRO death ref: Jun.1874.Drakes.Joseph.Glanford Brigg.7a.416. aged 22
GRO death ref: Dec.1874.Drakes.George.Lincoln.7a.343. aged 0
GRO death ref: Dec.1874.Drakes.George.Lincoln.7a.336. aged 65
GRO death ref: Dec.1874.Drakes.Lucy.Strand.1b.451. aged 74
GRO death ref: Dec.1874.Drakes.Sarah.Glanford Brigg.7a.452. aged 74
GRO death ref: Sep.1874.Dracass.John Thomas.Spilsby.7a.349. aged 54
GRO death ref: Sep.1874.Dracass.John.Boston.7a.251. aged 84
GRO death ref: Dec.1874.Dracas.William Henry.Kensington.1a.154. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1875.Drakes.John.Lincoln.7a.121. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1875.Drakes.Mary.Thorne.9c.486. aged 45
GRO death ref: Jun.1875.Drakes.Mary.Caistor.7a.419. aged 64
GRO death ref: Sep.1875.Drakes.John.Lincoln.7a.350. aged 68
GRO death ref: Sep.1875.Dracass.William Henry.Alverstoke.2b.309. aged 1
GRO death ref: Sep.1876.Drakes.Abraham.Launceston.5c.15. aged 63
GRO death ref: Sep.1876.Drakes.Catherine.Launceston.5c.16. aged 66
GRO death ref: Jun.1876.Dracass.John.Sheffield.9c.230. aged 55
GRO death ref: Sep.1876.Dracas.Minnie.Sheffield.9c.228. aged 0
GRO death ref: Dec.1876.Dracass.William.Lincoln.7a.316. aged 60
GRO death ref: Mar.1877.Drakes.William.Thorne.9c.417. aged 14
GRO death ref: Dec.1877.Drakes.Ann.Chesterfield.7b.352. aged 43
GRO death ref: Sep.1877.Dracas.William.Spilsby.7a.327. aged 53
GRO death ref: Jun.1878.Drakes.Alfred.Gainsborough.7a.453. aged 0
GRO death ref: Dec.1878.Drakes.Frances.Caistor.7a.425. aged 49
GRO death ref: Dec.1878.Drakes.Mary.Thorne.9c.484. aged 66
GRO death ref: Jun.1878.Dracass.Mary.Ecclesall Bierlow.9c.202. aged 68
GRO death ref: Sep.1878.Dracas.Albert John.Worcester.6c.197. aged 2
GRO death ref: Sep.1878.Dracas.Elizabeth Ann.Lincoln.7a.349. aged 35
GRO death ref: Sep.1879.Drakes.(female).Lincoln.7a.299. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1879.Dracas.John.Holborn.1b.571. aged 47
GRO death ref: Jun.1879.Dracass.Charles.Ecclesall Bierlow.9c.181. aged 69
GRO death ref: Mar.1880.Drakes.Frederick.Thorne.9c.446. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1880.Drakes.Septimus.Thorne.9c.446. aged 70
GRO death ref: Mar.1880.Drakes.William.Thorne.9c.445. aged 87
GRO death ref: Dec.1880.Drakes.Mary Ann.Caistor.7a.434. aged 57
GRO death ref: Dec.1880.Drakes.Gwendoline Agatha.Caistor.7a.435. aged 0
GRO death ref: Dec.1881.Drakes.John.Caistor.7a.370. aged 32
GRO death ref: Mar.1881.Dracass.(male).Eastbourne.2b.51. aged 0
GRO death ref: Sep.1881.Dracass.William.Boston.7a.248. aged 63
GRO death ref: Mar.1882.Drakes.George Henry.Caistor.7a.418. aged 0
GRO death ref: Dec.1882.Drakes.John.Thorne.9c.434. aged 88
GRO death ref: Sep.1882.Dracas.John.Worcester.6c.154. aged 57
GRO death ref: Dec.1882.Dracass.Elizabeth.Spilsby.7a.347. aged 65
GRO death ref: Dec.1882.Drakes.Henry.Mile End.1c.360. aged 0
GRO death ref: Jun.1883.Drakes.Mary.Caistor.7a.432. aged 75
GRO death ref: Dec.1883.Brown.William Drakes.Caistor.7a.376. aged 83
GRO death ref: Dec.1883.Drakes.Willie.Thorne.9c.428. aged 4
GRO death ref: Jun.1883.Dracass.Florence.Sheffield.9c.242. aged 19
GRO death ref: Dec.1883.Drax.John William.Sculcoates.9d.130. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1884.Drakes.Dora.Thorne.9c.439. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1884.Drakes.Thomas.Caistor.7a.420. aged 60
GRO death ref: Sep.1884.Drakes.Ann.Louth.7a.425. aged 61
GRO death ref: Dec.1884.Drakes.John Watson.Glanford Brigg.7a.452. aged 23
GRO death ref: Mar.1884.Drakes.Mary Ann.Thorne.9c.433. aged 8
GRO death ref: Jun.1884.Dracass.Mark Shedrick.Boston.7a.251. aged 73
GRO death ref: Dec.1884.Dracass.Caroline.Alverstoke.2b.341. aged 67
GRO death ref: Mar.1885.Drakes.Charles William.Rotherham.9c.406. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1885.Drakes.Louis.Caistor.7a.447. aged 28
GRO death ref: Jun.1885.Drakes.Daniel.Caistor.7a.413. aged 62
GRO death ref: Jun.1885.Drakes.Ezra.Lincoln.7a.302. aged 1
GRO death ref: Sep.1885.Drakes.Alfred.Thorne.9c.377. aged 0
GRO death ref: Dec.1885.Drakes.Hilary Robert L.Caistor.7a.384. aged 0
GRO death ref: Dec.1885.Drakes.Thomas.Thorne.9c.403. aged 84
GRO death ref: Mar.1885.Dracass.Edwin.Alverstoke.2b.369. aged 0
GRO death ref: Sep.1885.Drax.Maria Caroline S.E.Wareham.5a.177. aged 57
GRO death ref: Mar.1886.Drakes.John.Glanford Brigg.7a.465. aged 36
GRO death ref: Jun.1886.Drakes.William.Stratton.5c.5. aged 81
GRO death ref: Sep.1886.Drakes.Ann Caroline.Lewes.2b.107. aged 97
GRO death ref: Dec.1886.Drakes.Emma.Thorne.9c.428. aged 1
GRO death ref: Jun.1887.Drakes.(male).Lincoln.7a.309. aged 0
GRO death ref: Dec.1887.Drakes.Herbert.Thorne.9c.472a. aged 0
GRO death ref: Dec.1887.Drakes.Robert.Glanford Brigg.7a.420. aged 67
GRO death ref: Mar.1887.Drax.John Samuel W.S.E.Sherbourne.5a.249. aged 86
GRO death ref: Sep.1887.Dracass.Margaret Elizabeth.Islington.1b.157. aged 1
GRO death ref: Dec.1887.Dracas.Cooke.Spilsby.7a.343. aged 66
GRO death ref: Mar.1889.Drakes.Albert John.St. Giles.1b.395. aged 21
GRO death ref: Jun.1889.Drakes.Amos Watson.Gainsborough.7a.418. aged 35
GRO death ref: Jun.1889.Drakes.Elizabeth Jane.Caistor.7a.398. aged 35
GRO death ref: Sep.1889.Drakes.Ben.Thorne.9c.447. aged 0
GRO death ref: Dec.1889.Drakes.Arthur.Hastings.2b.24. aged 20
GRO death ref: Dec.1889.Drakes.Mary.Thorne.9c.478. aged 88
GRO death ref: Dec.1889.Dracas.Elizabeth Ann.Worcester.6c.169. aged 44
GRO death ref: Dec.1889.Dracass.Hugh Reginald.Horncastle.7a.336. aged 3
GRO death ref: Mar.1890.Drakes.Ellen.Caistor.7a.487. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1890.Drakes.Ethel Mary.Thorne.9c.544. aged 9
GRO death ref: Mar.1890.Drakes.Harold.Lincoln.7a.357. aged 0
GRO death ref: Jun.1890.Drakes.William.Caistor.7a.399. aged 61
GRO death ref: Sep.1890.Drakes.John.Louth.7a.345. aged 72
GRO death ref: Mar.1891.Drakes.Florence.Sculcoates.9d.136. aged 7
GRO death ref: Jun.1891.Drakes.Joseph.Louth.7a.541. aged 40
GRO death ref: Jun.1891.Drakes.Sarah.Glanford Brigg.7a.617. aged 54
GRO death ref: Sep.1891.Drakes.Tom.Thorne.9c.404. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1892.Drakes.George.Lincoln.7a.387. aged 15
GRO death ref: Sep.1892.Drakes.Henry.Lincoln.7a.293. aged 42
GRO death ref: Sep.1892.Drakes.John.Boston.7a.231. aged 54
GRO death ref: Mar.1892.Dracass.Daisy.Horncastle.7a.402. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1892.Dracass.Dorothy.Horncastle.7a.402. aged 0
GRO death ref: Jun.1892.Drax.John.Hull.9d.185. aged 64
GRO death ref: Jun.1893.Drakes.Charles Thomas.Thorne.9c.481. aged 0
GRO death ref: Jun.1893.Drakes.Martha Hopper.Stratton.5c.5. aged 74
GRO death ref: Dec.1893.Drakes.Beatrice.Rotherham.9c.444. aged 4
GRO death ref: Sep.1893.Dracass.Annie Mary O.Islington.1b.192. aged 10
GRO death ref: Mar.1894.Drakes.Ann Eliza.Thorne.9c.417. aged 49
GRO death ref: Mar.1894.Drakes.Harry.Goole.9c.457. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1894.Drakes.Maria.Caistor.7a.465. aged 66
GRO death ref: Mar.1894.Drakes.Thomas.Rotherham.9c.385. aged 1
GRO death ref: Jun.1894.Drakes.Alice Ann.Goole.9c.386. aged 3
GRO death ref: Jun.1894.Drakes.Marion.Caistor.7a.367. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1894.Dracas.John Theodore.Worcester.6c.163. aged 1
GRO death ref: Dec.1894.Dracas.Caroline.Sheffield.9c.227. aged 74
GRO death ref: Mar.1895.Drakes.Ann.Glanford Brigg.7a.467. aged 45
GRO death ref: Mar.1895.Drakes.Elizabeth.Conway.11b.415. aged 32
GRO death ref: Sep.1895.Drakes.Bertha.Rotherham.9c.469. aged 0
GRO death ref: Dec.1895.Drakes.Daniel.Lincoln.7a.321. aged 52
GRO death ref: Mar.1895.Dracup.Mary.Newcastle T.10b.107. aged 0
GRO death ref: Sep.1895.Drake.Elsie.Glanford Brigg.7a.445. aged 0
GRO death ref: Dec.1895.Dracass.Mary Ann.Boston.7a.255. aged 59
GRO death ref: Dec.1896.Drakes.Charlotte.Glanford Brigg.7a.426. aged 77
GRO death ref: Mar.1896.Drake.Emma.Lincoln.7a.332. aged 0
GRO death ref: Sep.1897.Drakes.John William.Glanford Brigg.7a.453. aged 0
GRO death ref: Sep.1897.Drakes.Sarah Jane.Hull.9d.228. aged 23
GRO death ref: Dec.1897.Drakes.Joseph.Caistor.7a.393. aged 79
GRO death ref: Sep.1897.Dracas.Winifred.Steyning.2b.182. aged 46
GRO death ref: Jun.1898.Drax.Sophia.Sculcoates.9d.118. aged 70
GRO death ref: Dec.1898.Drakes.Elizabeth.Louth.7a.357. aged 74
GRO death ref: Dec.1898.Drakes.Florrie.Grimsby.7a.381. aged 27
GRO death ref: Sep.1898.Drakes.Arthur.Barnsley.9c.159. aged 1
GRO death ref: Dec.1899.Dracas.Sarah Ann.Worcester.6c.170. aged 70
GRO death ref: Jun.1899.Drakes.Hannah.Thorne.9c.449. aged 75
GRO death ref: Dec.1899.Drakes.Ernest.Grimsby.7a.431. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1900.Drakes.Arthur.Glanford Brigg.7a.563. aged 1
GRO death ref: Mar.1900.Drakes.Isaac Cash.Grimsby.7a.505. aged 79
GRO death ref: Mar.1900.Drakes.Thomas.Barnsley.9c.179. aged 77
GRO death ref: Sep.1900.Dracass.George.Boston.7a.265. aged 0
GRO death ref: Dec.1900.Drakes.John.Caistor.7a.375. aged 76
GRO death ref: Jun.1901.Drakes.Martha.Goole.9c.472. aged 0
GRO death ref: Jun.1901.Drax.Mary.Sheffield.9c.293. aged 79
GRO death ref: Sep.1901.Drax.Milward S.E.E. Ashford.2a.531. aged 38
GRO death ref: Jun.1901.Drakes.Arthur.Barnsley.9c.141. aged 37
GRO death ref: Jun.1901.Drakes.John.Thorne.9c.463. aged 70
GRO death ref: Dec.1901.Drake.Jonas Hardcastle.Bradford. Y.9b.81. aged 66
GRO death ref: Dec.1901.Drakes.Ivy.Rotherham.9c.481. aged 2
GRO death ref: Dec.1901.Drakes.Jonas Hardcastle.Bradford. Y.9b.81. aged 66
GRO death ref: Mar.1901.Drakes.Olive.Gainsbro'.7a.464. aged 27
GRO death ref: Mar.1901.Drakes.William.Caistor.7a.429. aged 24
GRO death ref: Sep.1901.Drakes.Edith.Thorne.9c.594. aged 0
GRO death ref: Sep.1901.Drakes.Elizabeth.Thorne.9c.596. aged 93
GRO death ref: Sep.1901.Drakes.Henry.Barton I.8c.472. aged 47
GRO death ref: Sep.1901.Drakes.May.Goole.9c.601. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1902.Drakes.Catherine.Caistor.7a.449. aged 68
GRO death ref: Mar.1902.Drakes.Hilda Margaret.E.Retford.7b.1. aged 10
GRO death ref: Sep.1902.Drakes.Algernon Robert L.Burton [on Trent?].6b.199. aged 23
GRO death ref: Sep.1902.Drakes.Edward Smeeth.Stratton.5c.5. aged 54
GRO death ref: Sep.1902.Drakes.Frances.Thorne.9c.435. aged 31
GRO death ref: Sep.1902.Drakes.Letitia Caroline.Thorne.9c.429. aged 0
GRO death ref: Sep.1903.Dracup.Catherine.Newcastle T.10b.95. aged 53
GRO death ref: Dec.1903.Dracas.William.Steyning.2b.169. aged 56
GRO death ref: Dec.1903.Drakes.Susannah.Chorlton.8c.599. aged 90
GRO death ref: Sep.1903.Drakes.Ernest Foster.Thorne.9c.538. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1904.Drax.Sophia.Hull.9d.200. aged 9
GRO death ref: Jun.1904.Drakes.Lavinia.Thorne.9c.450. aged 61
GRO death ref: Jun.1904.Drakes.William.Thorne.9c.449. aged 71
GRO death ref: Dec.1904.Drakes.William.Launceston.5c.13. aged 67
GRO death ref: Sep.1904.Drakes.Charlotte.Glanford Brigg.7a.469. aged 0
GRO death ref: Sep.1904.Drakes.Hiram.Gainsbro'.7a.417. aged 2
GRO death ref: Sep.1904.Drakes.Jabez.S.Shields.10a.425. aged 36
GRO death ref: Sep.1904.Drakes.Kate.Barnsley.9c.169. aged 0
GRO death ref: Sep.1904.Drakes.Selina.Thorne.9c.537. aged 33
GRO death ref: Sep.1904.Drakes.William.Glanford Brigg.7a.396. aged 73
GRO death ref: Mar.1905.Dracass.William Henry.Portsmouth.2b.356. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1905.Drax.Sarah Charlotte E.E.E.E.Christchurch.2b.5_5. aged 76
GRO death ref: Sep.1905.Drakes.Reginald James.Pontypridd.11a.258. aged 0
GRO death ref: Jun.1906.Drakes.Jane.Barnsley.9c.140. aged 1
GRO death ref: Jun.1906.Drakes.Joseph.Lincoln.7a.281. aged 33
GRO death ref: Mar.1906.Dracas.William.Spilsby.7a.377. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1906.Drakes.Ellen Frances.Lincoln.7a.345. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1906.Drakes.Fanny Maria.Peterboro'.3b.139. aged 59
GRO death ref: Mar.1906.Drakes.John William.Lincoln.7a.348. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1906.Drakes.Joseph.Caistor.7a.444. aged 80
GRO death ref: Sep.1906.Dracass.Henry.Portsmouth.2b.322. aged 61
GRO death ref: Sep.1906.Drakes.Alice.Glanford Brigg.7a.415. aged 59
GRO death ref: Sep.1906.Drakes.Charles Edward.Glanford Brigg.7a.413. aged 1
GRO death ref: Jun.1907.Drakes.George William.Goole.9c.517. aged 0
GRO death ref: Jun.1907.Drakes.Mary.Thorne.9c.512. aged 33
GRO death ref: Mar.1907.Drax.John L.E.E.E.Cheltenham.6a.248. aged 73
GRO death ref: Dec.1908.Dracass.Henry George.Portsmouth.2b.285. aged 1
GRO death ref: Jun.1908.Drakes.Thomas.Grimsby.7a.360. aged 66
GRO death ref: Mar.1908.Dracass.Janet.Sheffield.9c.360. aged 1
GRO death ref: Mar.1908.Drakes.John Thomas.Louth.7a.397. aged 56
GRO death ref: Sep.1908.Drakes.Joseph.Gainsbro'.7a.392. aged 73
GRO death ref: Jun.1909.Drakes.Hannah.Gainsbro'.7a.413. aged 65
GRO death ref: Dec.1909.Dracass.Mark.Boston.7a.254. aged 91
GRO death ref: Dec.1909.Drakes.George.Caistor.7a.396. aged 62
GRO death ref: Dec.1909.Drakes.Joseph.Lincoln.7a.316. aged 60
GRO death ref: Mar.1909.Dracass.Elsie May.Portsmouth.2b.405. aged 2
GRO death ref: Mar.1909.Drakes.Frances Stevens W.Caistor.7a.473. aged 56
GRO death ref: Sep.1909.Drakes.Harold.Glanford Brigg.7a.341. aged 0
GRO death ref: Sep.1909.Drakes.Lilian Emma.Louth.7a.287. aged 45
GRO death ref: Jun.1910.Drakes.Lavinia.Gainsbro.7a.379. aged 4
GRO death ref: Sep.1910.Drakes.Jane.Caistor.7a.338. aged 78
GRO death ref: Mar.1910.Dracass.Mary Ann.Boston.7a.253. aged 87
GRO death ref: Jun.1910.Drakes.George Henry.Gainsbro.7a.388. aged 0
GRO death ref: Sep.1910.Drakes.Gertrude.Pontypridd.11a.275. aged 2
GRO death ref: Dec.1910.Dracas.Mary.Boston.7a.233. aged 83
GRO death ref: Dec.1910.Drakes.Louisa.Chorlton.8c.417. aged 73
GRO death ref: Dec.1910.Drakes.Lucy.Goole.9c.522. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1910.Drakes.Alan Roy.Caistor.7a.419. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1910.Drakes.Matilda.Grimsby.7a.392. aged 78
GRO death ref: Mar.1910.Drakes.Richard.Thorne.9c.479. aged 82
GRO death ref: Mar.1911.Dracass.Mary E.Edmonton.3a.254. aged 51
GRO death ref: Dec.1911.Dracass.Susannah.Boston.7a.462. aged 56
GRO death ref: Jun.1911.Drakes.Sarah.Sculcoates.9d.130. aged 46
GRO death ref: Mar.1911.Drakes.Albert.Grimsby.7a.382. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1911.Drakes.Edward.Caistor.7a.423. aged 95
GRO death ref: Mar.1911.Drakes.Ellen.Newark.7b.267. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1911.Drakes.Joseph.Lincoln.7a.310. aged 73
GRO death ref: Mar.1911.Drakes.Stephen.Doncaster.9c.369. aged 0
GRO death ref: Sep.1911.Drakes.Doris.Thorne.9c.1191. aged 13
GRO death ref: Sep.1911.Drakes.Mary.Gainsbro'.7a.884. aged 0
GRO death ref: Jun.1912.Drakes.Benjamin.Doncaster.9c.893. aged 0
GRO death ref: Jun.1912.Drakes.Daniel.Louth.7a.605. aged 44
GRO death ref: Dec.1912.Drakes.Elias.Lincoln.7a.539. aged 30
GRO death ref: Dec.1912.Drakes.John.Lincoln.7a.559. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1912.Drakes.Harriet.Nottingham.7b.320. aged 54
GRO death ref: Jun.1913.Drakes.Ada.Thorne.9c.972. aged 16
GRO death ref: Mar.1913.Drakes.Henry G.Stockport.6a.32. aged 18
GRO death ref: Mar.1913.Drakes.Mary.Lincoln.7a.558. aged 88
GRO death ref: Mar.1914.Drakes.Frances.Lincoln.7a.541. aged 68
GRO death ref: Dec.1915.Drakes.Anne.Grimsby.7a.768. aged 73
GRO death ref: Dec.1915.Drakes.Joseph.Woolwich.1d.1481. aged 79
GRO death ref: Mar.1915.Drakes.Fanny S.Woolwich.1d.1837. aged 73
GRO death ref: Mar.1915.Drakes.Hannah.Thorne.9c.1226. aged 77
GRO death ref: Mar.1915.Drakes.Charles.Rotherham.9c.1006. aged 57
GRO death ref: Sep.1915.Drakes.Winifred Elsie.Caistor.7a.679. aged 26
GRO death ref: Dec.1916.Dracass.Sarah A.Sheffield.9c.639. aged 71
GRO death ref: Dec.1916.Drakes.Gertrude.Thorne.9c.1027. aged 19
GRO death ref: Sep.1916.Drakes.George.Chorlton.8c.619. aged 74
GRO death ref: Sep.1917.Dracas.Emma.Stoke T.6b.218. aged 60
GRO death ref: Mar.1917.Drakes.Albert.Caistor.7a.929. aged 63
GRO death ref: Mar.1917.Drakes.Joseph.Nottingham.7b.435. aged 69
GRO death ref: Sep.1917.Drakes.Daniel M.Lincoln.7a.418. aged 38
GRO death ref: Sep.1918.Dracass.Ann.Portsmouth.2b.551. aged 70
GRO death ref: Dec.1918.Drakes.Thomas C.Rotherham.9c.1825. aged 18
GRO death ref: Sep.1918.Drakes.Amy E C.Sleaford.7a.430. aged 55
GRO death ref: Dec.1919.Drakes.Diana.Caistor.7a.710. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1919.Drakes.Sarah.Spilsby.7a.946. aged 78
GRO death ref: Mar.1919.Drakes.Mary.Bury.8c.451. aged 75
GRO death ref: Sep.1919.Drakes.Stephen F.Doncaster.9c.717. aged 0
GRO death ref: Jun.1920.Dracass.Robert M.Islington.1b.267. aged 66
GRO death ref: Sep.1920.Dracas.William A.Spilsby.7a.497. aged 68
GRO death ref: Dec.1920.Dracass.Rebecca.Boston.7a.461. aged 62
GRO death ref: Dec.1920.Drakes.Albert.Pontypridd.11a.627. aged 0
GRO death ref: Dec.1920.Drakes.Coy.Doncaster.9c.868. aged 75
GRO death ref: Mar.1920.Drakes.Lilian.Thorne.9c.1036. aged 22
GRO death ref: Mar.1920.Drakes.Alice M.Louth.7a.633. aged 67
GRO death ref: Mar.1920.Drakes.Mary.Thorne.9c.1056. aged 60
GRO death ref: Dec.1921.Drakes.Mary A.Caistor.7a.758. aged 70
GRO death ref: Mar.1921.Drakes.Mary A.Glanford Brigg.7a.679. aged 64
GRO death ref: Mar.1922.Dracass.Mary A.Spilsby.7a.740. aged 81
GRO death ref: Dec.1922.Drakes.Frances S.Lincoln.7a.543. aged 80
GRO death ref: Dec.1922.Drakes.Jane.Sheffield.9c.537. aged 70
GRO death ref: Dec.1922.Drakes.Thomas.Thorne.9c.805. aged 76
GRO death ref: Mar.1922.Drakes.Ernest.Lincoln.7a.675. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1922.Drakes.Jack.Lincoln.7a.676. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1922.Drakes.Frederick C.Pontypridd.11a.611. aged 11
GRO death ref: Sep.1922.Drakes.Daniel.Lincoln.7a.430. aged 76
GRO death ref: Jun.1923.Dracas.John.Stoke T.6b.215. aged 62
GRO death ref: Sep.1923.Dracass.Thomas William.Boston.7a.376. aged 81
GRO death ref: Mar.1923.Drakes.Sarah.Glanford Brigg.7a.718. aged 63
GRO death ref: Sep.1923.Drakes.William.Pontypridd.11a.672. aged 0
GRO death ref: Dec.1923.Drakes.John.Gainsbro'.7a.796. aged 58
GRO death ref: Mar.1924.Dracass.Dora E.Ecclesall Bierlow.9c.558. aged 24
GRO death ref: Mar.1924.Drakes.John.Launceston.5c.20. aged 83
GRO death ref: Mar.1924.Drakes.Joseph.Chelsea.1a.582. aged 58
GRO death ref: Mar.1924.Drakes.Elizabeth.Lincoln.7a.552. aged 77
GRO death ref: Mar.1924.Drakes.Harry.Goole.9c.990. aged 0
GRO death ref: Jun.1924.Drakes.William.Glanford Brigg.7a.739. aged 90
GRO death ref: Dec.1924.Drakes.Thomas.Glanford Brigg.7a.720. aged 78
GRO death ref: Dec.1924.Drakes.Charles.St Asaph.11b.355. aged 75
GRO death ref: Dec.1924.Drakes.Hanna M.Doncaster.9c.825. aged 71
GRO death ref: Mar.1925.Drakes.Alice.Glanford Brigg.7a.852. aged 60
GRO death ref: Mar.1925.Drakes.Charles W.Lincoln.7a.609. aged 85
GRO death ref: Mar.1925.Drakes.Ellen.Grimsby.7a.747. aged 53
GRO death ref: Mar.1925.Drakes.William.Caistor.7a.830. aged 73
GRO death ref: Mar.1925.Drakes.Maurice.Gainsbro'.7a.779. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1925.Drakes.William W.Louth.7a.652. aged 69
GRO death ref: Mar.1926.Dracass.William.Boston.7a.483. aged 77
GRO death ref: Dec.1926.Dracass.Albert.Edmonton.3a.49. aged 68
GRO death ref: Mar.1926.Drakes.Thomas.Lincoln.7a.553. aged 70
GRO death ref: Sep.1926.Drakes.Elizabeth.Lincoln.7a.472. aged 2
GRO death ref: Mar.1927.Dracass.Elizabeth.Boston.7a.647. aged 77
GRO death ref: Dec.1927.Dracass.Lily G.F.Edmonton.3a.505. aged 41
GRO death ref: Dec.1927.Drakes.George W.Caistor.7a.725. aged 0
GRO death ref: Dec.1927.Drakes.Jim.Thorne.9c.865. aged 49
GRO death ref: Dec.1927.Drakes.Sarah A.Thorne.9c.865. aged 81
GRO death ref: Mar.1927.Drakes.Robert J.Thorne.9c.1321. aged 77
GRO death ref: Mar.1927.Drakes.Alice.Paddington.1a.83. aged 64
GRO death ref: Sep.1927.Drakes.John M.Louth.7a.531. aged 0
GRO death ref: Sep.1927.Drakes.Joseph W.Louth.7a.531. aged 0
GRO death ref: Jun.1928.Dracas.Susan.Spilsby.7a.584. aged 49
GRO death ref: Sep.1928.Dracass.John T.Fulham.1a.28. aged 64
GRO death ref: Mar.1928.Drakes.Sarah.Thorne.9c.1046. aged 73
GRO death ref: Mar.1928.Drakes.Burtwhistle.Gainsbro'.7a.761. aged 54
GRO death ref: Mar.1928.Drakes.Isaac.Doncaster.9c.856. aged 48
GRO death ref: Mar.1928.Drakes.Reuben.Louth.7a.628. aged 48
GRO death ref: Dec.1929.Drakes.Miriam.Spalding.7a.411. aged 48
GRO death ref: Mar.1929.Drakes.Frederick C.Gainsbro'.7a.774. aged 73
GRO death ref: Dec.1930.Dracass.Elizabeth.Islington.1b.270. aged 75
GRO death ref: Dec.1930.Drakes.Mildred.Lincoln.7a.562. aged 78
GRO death ref: Dec.1930.Drakes.Walter G.Lambeth.1d.353. aged 64
GRO death ref: Sep.1930.Drakes.Eva.Grimsby.7a.594. aged 68
GRO death ref: Sep.1930.Drakes.Jessie W O B.Doncaster.9c.680. aged 14
GRO death ref: Mar.1931.Drake.Enoch.Barnsley.9c.380. aged 61
GRO death ref: Mar.1931.Dracass.Betsey.Spilsby.7a.748. aged 82
GRO death ref: Mar.1931.Dracass.Samuel.Lancaster.8e.1118. aged 87
GRO death ref: Sep.1931.Drakes.Mary Ann.Grimsby.7a.606. aged 55
GRO death ref: Dec.1931.Drakes.Maria.Louth.7a.611. aged 71
GRO death ref: Mar.1931.Drakes.Anne C.Manchester S.8d.176. aged 79
GRO death ref: Sep.1931.Drakes.Elizabeth.Glanford Brigg.7a.648. aged 72
GRO death ref: Dec.1932.Dracass.Harry.Horncastle.2c.577. aged 76
GRO death ref: Dec.1932.Dracass.Dorothy M.Petersfield.2c.207. aged 21
GRO death ref: Mar.1932.Drakes.Eliza.Thorne.9c.1106. aged 72
GRO death ref: Mar.1932.Drakes.Eliza.Rotherham.9c.907. aged 75
GRO death ref: Sep.1932.Drakes.Charles.Glanford Brigg.7a.677. aged 72
GRO death ref: Mar.1933.Dracas.Marion.Barnet.3a.757. aged 57
GRO death ref: Mar.1933.Dracass.Lizzie.Portsmouth.2b.911. aged 57
GRO death ref: Mar.1933.Drakes.George.Wakefield.9c.51. aged 63
GRO death ref: Mar.1933.Drakes.John.Lincoln.7a.768. aged 39
GRO death ref: Mar.1933.Drakes.Leonard.Thorne.9c.1293. aged 5
GRO death ref: Sep.1933.Drakes.George C.Gainsbro'.7a.693. aged 85
GRO death ref: Jun.1934.Dracass.John.Portsmouth.2b.700. aged 52
GRO death ref: Dec.1934.Dracass.Elizabeth.Boston.7a.439. aged 82
GRO death ref: Dec.1934.Drakes.Betsy.Lincoln.7a.519. aged 49
GRO death ref: Dec.1934.Drakes.Lucy.Horncastle.7a.573. aged 74
GRO death ref: Mar.1934.Drakes.Elizabeth.Gainsbro'.7a.751. aged 71
GRO death ref: Mar.1934.Drakes.Mary.N Kesteven.7a.490. aged 82
GRO death ref: Mar.1934.Drakes.Sarah E.Thorne.9c.884. aged 57
GRO death ref: Sep.1934.Drakes.Frederick C.Pontypridd.11a.549. aged 55
GRO death ref: Jun.1935.Dracass.Henry.Boston.7a.456. aged 87
GRO death ref: Dec.1935.Drakes.Theresa.Glanford Brigg.7a.789. aged 59
GRO death ref: Mar.1935.Drakes.Harry R.Gainsbro'.7a.873. aged 40
GRO death ref: Mar.1935.Drakes.Richard.Howden.9d.105. aged 74
GRO death ref: Mar.1936.Dracass.Mark.Boston.7a.548. aged 81
GRO death ref: Mar.1936.Drax.William C.Sculcoates.9d.333. aged 76
GRO death ref: Sep.1936.Dracass.Elizabeth A.Boston.7a.364. aged 84
GRO death ref: Dec.1936.Dracass.William.Boston.7a.44. aged 87
GRO death ref: Mar.1936.Drakes.Frances.Manchester S.8d.25. aged 74
GRO death ref: Mar.1936.Drakes.Frederick W.Grimsby.7a.851. aged 85
GRO death ref: Mar.1936.Drakes.John.Louth.7a.759. aged 74
GRO death ref: Mar.1936.Drakes.John E.Caistor.7a.891. aged 78
GRO death ref: Dec.1937.Drakes.Charles F.Thorne.9c.916. aged 79
GRO death ref: Dec.1937.Drakes.Herbert M.Grimsby.7a.702. aged 68
GRO death ref: Dec.1937.Drakes.Mary J.Lincoln.7a.577. aged 52
GRO death ref: Mar.1937.Drakes.Thomas.Thorne.9c.1210. aged 69
GRO death ref: Mar.1937.Drakes.Robert L.Lincoln.7a.506. aged 85
GRO death ref: Sep.1937.Drakes.Barry D.Newark.7b.348. aged 1
GRO death ref: Dec.1938.Draikes.Janet D.Maidstone.2a.1214. aged 89
GRO death ref: Mar.1938.Drakes.Barry.Glanford Brigg.7a.835. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1938.Drakes.Benjamin.Pontypridd.11a.530. aged 17
GRO death ref: Mar.1938.Drakes.Bernard J.Chelsea.1a.416. aged 53
GRO death ref: Mar.1938.Drakes.Delphine R.Lincoln.7a.494. aged 11
GRO death ref: Sep.1938.Drakes.Janet D.Grimsby.7a.586. aged 78
GRO death ref: Mar.1939.Drakes.Elizabeth.Scunthorpe.7a.931. aged 62
GRO death ref: Mar.1939.Drakes.Frances S.Louth.7a.759. aged 83
GRO death ref: Mar.1939.Drakes.John.Gainsbro'.7a.788. aged 82
GRO death ref: Mar.1939.Drakes.Joseph.Scunthorpe.7a.775. aged 84
GRO death ref: Mar.1939.Drakes.Thomas.Howden.9d.10. aged 81
GRO death ref: Sep.1939.Dracass.Edith T.Surrey SW.2a.491. aged 68
GRO death ref: Sep.1939.Drakes.Monica M.Hull.9d.282. aged 82
GRO death ref: Dec.1940.Drakes.Charles H.Gosport.2b.1481. aged 47
GRO death ref: Dec.1940.Drakes.Susan.Manchester.8d.119. aged 87
GRO death ref: Mar.1940.Drakes.Ann H.Gainsbro'.7a.2380. aged 81
GRO death ref: Mar.1940.Drakes.Emily.Manchester.8d.462. aged 81
GRO death ref: Mar.1940.Drakes.Mary E M.Camelford.5c.45. aged 44
GRO death ref: Mar.1941.Dracass.Mark.Winchester.2c.306. aged 55
GRO death ref: Sep.1941.Dracas.Elizabeth.Upper Agbrigg.9a.874. aged 78
GRO death ref: Sep.1941.Dracass.William.Portsmouth.2b.1002. aged 65
GRO death ref: Dec.1941.Drakes.Doris.Holderness.9d.167. aged 51
GRO death ref: Dec.1941.Drakes.Florence.Don Valley.9c.1134. aged 67
GRO death ref: Mar.1941.Drakes.Fletcher.Scunthorpe.7a.1985. aged 73
GRO death ref: Mar.1941.Drakes.George W.Doncaster.9c.1628. aged 30
GRO death ref: Mar.1941.Drakes.Mary A.Doncaster.9c.1612. aged 70
GRO death ref: Mar.1941.Drakes.Roland.Gainsbro'.7a.2007. aged 11
GRO death ref: Jun.1941.Drakes.Sarah A.Gainsbro'.7a.1738. aged 78
GRO death ref: Jun.1942.Dracass.George W.Norwich.4b.239. aged 64
GRO death ref: Dec.1942.Drakes.William J.Caistor.7a.719. aged 88
GRO death ref: Mar.1942.Drakes.Charles W.Grimsby.7a.1260. aged 67
GRO death ref: Mar.1942.Drakes.Ivy J.Scunthorpe.7a.1399. aged 40
GRO death ref: Jun.1942.Drakes.Gerald.St Albans.3a.1373. aged 40
GRO death ref: Jun.1942.Drakes.Mary J.Pontypridd.11a.530. aged 55
GRO death ref: Jun.1942.Drax.Dorothy M.Hull.9d.292. aged 45
GRO death ref: Sep.1942.Drakes.Elizabeth.Caistor.7a.639. aged 85
GRO death ref: Mar.1943.Drakes.Benjamin.Scunthorpe.7a.709. aged 88
GRO death ref: Mar.1943.Drakes.Frances E.Horncastle.7a.557. aged 75
GRO death ref: Mar.1943.Drakes.Jeffrey.Louth.7a.602. aged 0
GRO death ref: Dec.1944.Dracas.Martha E.Spilsby.7a.590. aged 89
GRO death ref: Jun.1944.Drakes.Jane.Louth.7a.584. aged 73
GRO death ref: Jun.1944.Drakes.William T.Scunthorpe.7a.734. aged 73
GRO death ref: Dec.1944.Drakes.Ernest W.Rotherham.9c.635. aged 61
GRO death ref: Dec.1944.Drakes.Richard C.Surrey Mid E.2a.303. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1944.Drakes.Edward E.Newcastle T.10b.237. aged 62
GRO death ref: Mar.1944.Drakes.John A.Scunthorpe.7a.863. aged 0
GRO death ref: Mar.1944.Drakes.Albert E.N Kesteven.7a.462. aged 67
GRO death ref: Mar.1944.Drakes.John W.Scunthorpe.7a.710. aged 1
GRO death ref: Sep.1944.Drakes.Arthur J.Northumberland S.10b.280. aged 76
GRO death ref: Mar.1945.Dracas.Arthur M.Taunton.5c.400. aged 73
GRO death ref: Mar.1945.Dracass.Doris V.Sheffield.9c.704. aged 41
GRO death ref: Mar.1945.Drakes.Frances.Caistor.7a.948. aged 83
GRO death ref: Jun.1945.Drakes.Frederick D.Grimsby.7a.596. aged 82
GRO death ref: Jun.1945.Drakes.Walter.Scunthorpe.3b.305. aged 60
GRO death ref: Sep.1945.Drakes.Margaret.Cardiff.11a.324. aged 35
GRO death ref: Sep.1946.Dracass.William R.Lewisham.5d.10. aged 36
GRO death ref: Dec.1946.Drakes.Emily.Caistor.3b.131. aged 82
GRO death ref: Mar.1946.Drakes.Thomas E.Stamford.7a.349. aged 64
GRO death ref: Mar.1946.Drakes.William J S.N Walsham.4b.213. aged 62
GRO death ref: Sep.1946.Drakes.Jessie W O B.Scunthorpe.3b.305. aged 77
GRO death ref: Sep.1946.Drakes.Violet M.Sheffield.2d.52. aged 47
GRO death ref: Sep.1947.Dracass.John.Boston.3b.3. aged 85
GRO death ref: Dec.1947.Drakes.Cooper.Scunthorpe.3b.319. aged 76
GRO death ref: Dec.1947.Drakes.Mary A.Ware.4b.192. aged 72
GRO death ref: Mar.1947.Drakes.Elizabeth.Horncastle.3b.320. aged 88
GRO death ref: Mar.1947.Drakes.Walter.Staincross.2d.650. aged 80
GRO death ref: Mar.1947.Drakes.Sheila.Sheffield.2d.283. aged 11
GRO death ref: Mar.1948.Dracass.Margaret H.Boston.3b.30. aged 71
GRO death ref: Dec.1948.Drakes.Elizabeth.Wandsworth.5d.695. aged 82
GRO death ref: Mar.1948.Drakes.George.Scunthorpe.3b.378. aged 75
GRO death ref: Mar.1948.Drakes.Nathaniel.Liverpool S.10d.475. aged 48
GRO death ref: Mar.1948.Drakes.Mabel A.Meriden.9c.667. aged 51
GRO death ref: Sep.1948.Drakes.Ellen M.Nottingham.3c.246. aged 82
GRO death ref: Sep.1948.Drakes.Emma J.Scunthorpe.3b.320. aged 72
GRO death ref: Sep.1948.Drakes.Lilian.Caistor.3b.119. aged 70
GRO death ref: Dec.1949.Dracass.Harriet M.Horncastle.3b.24. aged 96
GRO death ref: Dec.1949.Dracass.Clara.Sheffield.2d.263. aged 88
GRO death ref: Mar.1949.Drakes.Ezra.Caistor.3b.138. aged 71
GRO death ref: Sep.1949.Drakes.George T.Grimsby.3b.164. aged 49
GRO death ref: Sep.1949.Drakes.Joseph.Horncastle.3b.200. aged 85
GRO death ref: Dec.1950.Drakes.Joseph.Gainsbro'.3b.179. aged 77
GRO death ref: Dec.1950.Drakes.Minnie A.Scunthorpe.3b.386. aged 56
GRO death ref: Mar.1950.Drakes.George W.Scunthorpe.3b.418. aged 76
GRO death ref: Jun.1950.Drakes.Clara S.Caistor.3b.147. aged 84
GRO death ref: Sep.1950.Drakes.Lily.Nottingham.3c.261. aged 30
GRO death ref: Mar.1951.Dracas.Ellen.Surrey N.5g.512. aged 83
GRO death ref: Mar.1951.Dracass.Grace V.Wood Green.5f.739. aged 66
GRO death ref: Mar.1951.Drakes.Emma R.Scunthorpe.3b.525. aged 72
GRO death ref: Mar.1951.Drakes.Harriet.Lincoln.3b.369. aged 67
GRO death ref: Jun.1951.Dracass.William R.Barnet.5a.570. aged 69
GRO death ref: Sep.1951.Drakes.Mary E.Scunthorpe.3b.290. aged 72
GRO death ref: Sep.1951.Drakes.Sarah E.Scunthorpe.3b.308. aged 80
GRO death ref: Dec.1951.Drakes.May.Scunthorpe.3b.370. aged 37
GRO death ref: Mar.1952.Dracass.Charles.Sheffield.2d.208. aged 80
GRO death ref: Mar.1952.Drakes.Harry.Gainsboro'.3b.185. aged 71
GRO death ref: Mar.1952.Drakes.William A.Gainsboro'.3b.177. aged 86
GRO death ref: Jun.1952.Drakes.Amadens A.Bristol.7b.191. aged 79
GRO death ref: Jun.1952.Drakes.Charles W.Louth.3b.291. aged 56
GRO death ref: Sep.1952.Dracas.Dorothy M.Surrey N.5g.286. aged 45
GRO death ref: Sep.1952.Dracass.Charles E.Louth.3b.244. aged 69
GRO death ref: Sep.1952.Drakes.Arthur.Gainsboro'.3b.129. aged 58
GRO death ref: Dec.1952.Dracass.Annie M.Boston.3b.8. aged 78
GRO death ref: Dec.1952.Drakes.Kate.Wantage.6a.173. aged 63
GRO death ref: Mar.1953.Drakes.Charles W.Welton.3b.598. aged 73
GRO death ref: Jun.1953.Drakes.Kate E.Scunthorpe.3b.337. aged 72
GRO death ref: Sep.1953.Drakes.Emily.Surrey NW.5g.535. aged 60
GRO death ref: Sep.1953.Drakes.Walter.Scunthorpe.3b.289. aged 81
GRO death ref: Dec.1953.Drakes.George.Cleethorpes.3b.143. aged 52
GRO death ref: Dec.1953.Drakes.Valerie M.Stamford.3b.124. aged 1
GRO death ref: Mar.1954.Drakes.Alfred.Mansfield.3c.174. aged 81
GRO death ref: Jun.1954.Drakes.Mary E.Welton.3b.404. aged 85
GRO death ref: Sep.1954.Drakes.John W.Scunthorpe.3b.292. aged 77
GRO death ref: Mar.1954.Drake.Herbert.Grimsby.3b.218. aged 60
GRO death ref: Mar.1955.Dracass.Sidney.London C.5d.156. aged 52
GRO death ref: Mar.1955.Drakes.Daniel.Gainsboro'.3b.231. aged 85
GRO death ref: Jun.1955.Drakes.Doris M.Horncastle.3b.232. aged 62
GRO death ref: Jun.1955.Drakes.Walter.Leeds.2c.351. aged 61
GRO death ref: Sep.1955.Drakes.Izetta.Sheffield.2d.210. aged 56
GRO death ref: Jun.1956.Drakes.Bernal.Scunthorpe.3b.349. aged 55
GRO death ref: Jun.1956.Drakes.Bernard.Scunthorpe.3b.349. aged 55
GRO death ref: Jun.1956.Drakes.Ernest.Oxford.6b.858. aged 77
GRO death ref: Jun.1956.Drakes.Thomas G.Scunthorpe.3b.374. aged 75
GRO death ref: Jun.1956.Drakes.Walter.Gainsboro'.3b.174. aged 72
GRO death ref: Mar.1957.Dracass.Fred O.N.Hammersmith.5c.788. aged 78
GRO death ref: Mar.1957.Drakes.Eva C.Grimsby.3b.213. aged 63
GRO death ref: Mar.1957.Drakes.Frank.Luton.4a.169. aged 67
GRO death ref: Jun.1957.Drakes.Frank F.Lincoln.3b.288. aged 62
GRO death ref: Sep.1957.Dracas.Gertrude.Spilsby.3b.349. aged 77
GRO death ref: Sep.1957.Dracass.Annie M.Edmonton.5e.280. aged 75
GRO death ref: Sep.1957.Dracass.Sarah.Bournemouth.6b.151. aged 85
GRO death ref: Sep.1957.Drakes.Kevin J.Scunthorpe.3b.331. aged 4
GRO death ref: Sep.1957.Drakes.Pattie.Grimsby.3b.190. aged 61
GRO death ref: Dec.1957.Drakes.Marjorie.Caistor.3b.173. aged 62
GRO death ref: Dec.1957.Drakes.Sidney.Louth.3b.396. aged 72
GRO death ref: Jun.1958.Drakes.Thomas.Louth.3b.325. aged 88
GRO death ref: Sep.1958.Dracass.Albert E.Edmonton.5e.196. aged 74
GRO death ref: Dec.1958.Drakes.Thomas J.E. Retford.3c.106. aged 77
GRO death ref: Dec.1959.Dracass.Percy.Sheffield.2d.8. aged 83
GRO death ref: Dec.1959.Drakes.Ivy.Scunthorpe.3b.393. aged 61
GRO death ref: Mar.1960.Drakes.Catherine D.Gainsboro'.3b.180. aged 85
GRO death ref: Mar.1960.Drakes.Francis E.A.Caistor.3b.154. aged 85
GRO death ref: Jun.1960.Drakes.Mary A.Louth.3b.307. aged 73
GRO death ref: Sep.1960.Drakes.Elizabeth.Scunthorpe.3b.314. aged 80
GRO death ref: Sep.1960.Drakes.Ernest.Caistor.3b.123. aged 73
GRO death ref: Dec.1960.Drakes.Eleanor.Louth.3b.336. aged 81
GRO death ref: Dec.1960.Drakes.Florence.Mansfield.3c.148. aged 87
GRO death ref: Dec.1960.Drakes.Harriet.Rotherham.2c.618. aged 74
GRO death ref: Mar.1961.Drakes.Maud E.Louth.3b.411. aged 71
GRO death ref: Jun.1961.Drakes.Charlotte E.Scunthorpe.3b.334. aged 81
GRO death ref: Jun.1961.Drakes.John W.Spilsby.3b.382. aged 80
GRO death ref: Sep.1961.Drakes.Bertram.Scunthorpe.3b.324. aged 65
GRO death ref: Sep.1961.Drakes.William.Scunthorpe.3b.330. aged 61
GRO death ref: Dec.1961.Drakes.Annie M.Louth.3b.328. aged 84
GRO death ref: Dec.1961.Drakes.Elizabeth W.N. Kesteven.3b.105. aged 79
GRO death ref: Mar.1962.Drakes.Patience M.Watford.4b.368. aged 84
GRO death ref: Jun.1962.Drakes.Florence M.Nottingham.3c.407. aged 79
GRO death ref: Jun.1962.Drakes.Joseph H.Scunthorpe.3b.348. aged 72
GRO death ref: Jun.1962.Drakes.Robert T.Lincoln.3b.300. aged 69
GRO death ref: Jun.1962.Drakes.Samuel B.Scunthorpe.3b.392. aged 73
GRO death ref: Jun.1962.Drakes.William T.Scunthorpe.3b.390. aged 94
GRO death ref: Sep.1962.Dracass.Roger G.Lothingland.4b.761. aged 20
GRO death ref: Sep.1962.Drakes.Charles.Wood Green.5f.363. aged 62
GRO death ref: Sep.1962.Drakes.Gertrude.Scunthorpe.3b.312. aged 79
GRO death ref: Sep.1962.Drakes.Sarah J.Scunthorpe.3b.344. aged 82
GRO death ref: Sep.1962.Drakes.Thomas J.Scunthorpe.3b.303. aged 54
GRO death ref: Mar.1963.Dracass.Beatrice J.Sheffield.2d.395. aged 82
GRO death ref: Mar.1963.Drakes.Fanny.Meriden.9c.1156. aged 89
GRO death ref: Mar.1963.Drakes.Frances I.T.Caistor.3b.211. aged 79
GRO death ref: Mar.1963.Drakes.Richard C.N. Kesteven.3b.139. aged 77
GRO death ref: Jun.1963.Drakes.Frederick W.Oxford.6b.936. aged 69
GRO death ref: Jun.1963.Drakes.Lily.Cleethorpes.3b.166. aged 78
GRO death ref: Sep.1963.Drakes.Annie.Scunthorpe.3b.358. aged 59
GRO death ref: Sep.1963.Drakes.Joseph.Spilsby.3b.362. aged 48
GRO death ref: Dec.1963.Drakes.Arthur.Scunthorpe.3b.389. aged 58
GRO death ref: Mar.1964.Drakes.George E.Scunthorpe.3b.489. aged 66
GRO death ref: Mar.1964.Drakes.John R.Scunthorpe.3b.488. aged 81
GRO death ref: Mar.1964.Drakes.Susan.Caistor.3b.173. aged 81
GRO death ref: Jun.1964.Dracas.William.Boston.3b.28. aged 82
GRO death ref: Jun.1964.Drakes.Mabel E.Southampton.6b.694. aged 73
GRO death ref: Sep.1964.Drakes.Elizabeth.Scunthorpe.3b.343. aged 67
GRO death ref: Sep.1964.Drakes.Emily K.Luton.4a.108. aged 77
GRO death ref: Sep.1964.Drakes.Harry.Scunthorpe.3b.349. aged 66
GRO death ref: Sep.1964.Drakes.Joseph W.Lincoln.3b.269. aged 57
GRO death ref: Dec.1964.Drakes.Michael J.Lincoln.3b.319. aged 20
GRO death ref: Mar.1965.Drakes.Sydney.Grimsby.3b.263. aged 64
GRO death ref: Jun.1965.Dracass.Elsie M.Birmingham.9c.101. aged 79
GRO death ref: Jun.1965.Drakes.Constance A.Lambeth.5d.8. aged 58
GRO death ref: Jun.1965.Drakes.John.Mansfield.3c.123. aged 66
GRO death ref: Jun.1965.Drakes.Peter R.Spilsby.3b.423. aged 15
GRO death ref: Jun.1965.Drakes.Vera.Caistor.3b.138. aged 61
GRO death ref: Sep.1965.Drakes.Claude A.Waltham Forest.5e.348. aged 38
GRO death ref: Sep.1965.Drakes.Cyril W.Birmingham.9c.174. aged 44
GRO death ref: Sep.1965.Drakes.Wilfred.Scunthorpe.3b.311. aged 74
GRO death ref: Mar.1966.Drakes.Derek A.Coventry.9c.946. aged 26
GRO death ref: Mar.1966.Drakes.Eva.Lancaster.10c.695. aged 82
GRO death ref: Mar.1966.Drakes.Lucy.Louth.3b.441. aged 91
GRO death ref: Mar.1966.Drakes.Mary E.Bradford.2b.80. aged 78
GRO death ref: Mar.1966.Drakes.Moses.Scunthorpe.3b.466. aged 94
GRO death ref: Dec.1966.Drakes.William.Grimsby.3b.210. aged 80
GRO death ref: Mar.1967.Drakes.John W.Lincoln.3b.363. aged 83
GRO death ref: Mar.1967.Drax.William A.Holderness.2a.82. aged 81
GRO death ref: Sep.1967.Dracass.Herbert.Hendon.5c.128. aged 82
GRO death ref: Sep.1967.Drakes.Walter C.Sutton.5e.248. aged 55
GRO death ref: Dec.1967.Drax.Lily.Holderness.2a.101. aged 81
GRO death ref: Mar.1968.Drakes.Fred.Caistor.3b.316. aged 77
GRO death ref: Mar.1968.Drakes.Percy.Surrey N.5g.207. aged 73
GRO death ref: Sep.1968.Drakes.Agnes K.Lincoln.3b.250. aged 56
GRO death ref: Sep.1968.Drakes.Arthur.Rotherham.2c.534. aged 89
GRO death ref: Sep.1968.Drakes.Betty.Taunton.7c.368. aged 38
GRO death ref: Sep.1968.Drakes.Walter.Staincross.2d.448. aged 72
GRO death ref: Dec.1968.Drakes.Annie.Lincoln.3b.323. aged 78
GRO death ref: Mar.1969.Drakes.Ada.Scunthorpe.3b.517. aged 88
GRO death ref: Mar.1969.Drakes.Harold O.Scunthorpe.3b.449. aged 74
GRO death ref: Mar.1969.Drakes.Maurice S.Welton.3b.555. aged 69
GRO death ref: Sep.1969.Drakes.Emily.Scunthorpe.3b.836. aged 70
GRO death ref: Sep.1969.Drakes.Reginald W.Caistor.3b.351. aged 75
GRO death ref: Dec.1969.Dracas.Walter.Boston.3b.10. aged 85
GRO death ref: Dec.1969.Drakes.Charles.Gainsboro'.3b.528. aged 85
GRO death ref: Dec.1969.Drakes.Charles Edward.Scunthorpe.3b.1024. aged 85
GRO death ref: Jun.1970.Drakes.Minnie.Scunthorpe.3b.1066. aged 59
GRO death ref: Mar.1970.Drakes.Tom Charles.Goole.2b.1628. aged 66
GRO death ref: Jun.1970.Drakes.Elizabeth.Scunthorpe.3b.1064. aged 85
GRO death ref: Sep.1970.Dracass.Charles.Sheffield.2b.195. aged 71
GRO death ref: Dec.1970.Drakes.John Baron.Horncastle.3b.708. aged 78
GRO death ref: Dec.1970.Drax.Ellen Louisa.Barton.10b.673. aged 86
GRO death ref: Mar.1971.Drakes.Henry.Watford.4b.1070. aged 96
GRO death ref: Mar.1971.Drakes.Marjorie Mabel.Enfield.5b.463. aged 66
GRO death ref: Jun.1971.Drakes.Ben Clord.Scunthorpe.3b.973. aged 78
GRO death ref: Jun.1971.Drakes.Grace Annie.Lincoln.3b.718. aged 89
GRO death ref: Jun.1971.Drakes.Sydney.Scunthorpe.3b.981. aged 66
GRO death ref: Sep.1971.Drakes.George.Scunthorpe.3b.899. aged 83
GRO death ref: Sep.1971.Drakes.Joseph Brewster.Scunthorpe.3b.973. aged 76
GRO death ref: Sep.1971.Drakes.Stephen Clarence O.Islington.5c.1458. aged 7
GRO death ref: Dec.1971.Drakes.Ethel Annie.Scunthorpe.3b. 995. aged 84
GRO death ref: Mar.1972.Dracass.Mabel Annie.Barnet.5a.218. aged 81
GRO death ref: Jun.1972.Drakes.Celie.Scunthorpe.3b.1087. aged 77
GRO death ref: Sep.1972.Drakes.Ann.Scunthorpe.3b.936. aged 81
GRO death ref: Sep.1972.Drakes.William Chessman.Lincoln.3b.777. aged 87
GRO death ref: Dec.1973.Drakes.Fred.Gainsboro'.3b.455. aged 61
GRO death ref: Mar.1974.Drakes.Elsie Rawlinson.Lincoln.3b.864. aged 71/2
GRO death ref: Mar.1974.Drakes.Fred George.N. Kesteven.3b.339. aged 81
GRO death ref: Mar.1974.Drakes.Jane.Welton.3b.1347. aged 87
GRO death ref: Mar.1974.Drakes.Margaret Wallace M.Oxford.6b.3235. aged 93/4
GRO death ref: Jun.1974.Drakes.Thomas Edwin.Barking.11.0030. aged 66
GRO death ref: Sep.1974.Drakes.George.Scunthorpe.7.1089. aged 71
GRO death ref: Sep.1974.Drakes.Hilda.Lincoln.7.1487. aged 63
GRO death ref: Mar.1975.Drakes.Annie.Bromsgrove.29.0130. aged 50
GRO death ref: Jun.1975.Drakes.Arthur John.Lincoln.7.1683. aged 76
GRO death ref: Jun.1975.Drax.Sydney.Hull.7.0681. aged 83/4
GRO death ref: Dec.1975.Drakes.Gabriel Theophilus.Pontypridd.27.1370. aged 63
GRO death ref: Dec.1975.Drakes.Stanley Lewis.Grimsby.7.0487. aged 78
GRO death ref: Dec.1975.Drax.Doris.Hull.7.0940. aged 76
GRO death ref: Jun.1976.Drakes.Albert.Spilsby.7.1975. aged 83
GRO death ref: Jun.1976.Drakes.Jane.Sheffield.3.1390. aged 59/60
GRO death ref: Sep.1976.Drakes.Annabella.Grimsby.7.0333. aged 95/6
GRO death ref: Sep.1976.Drakes.Harriet Monica.Grimsby.7.0405. aged 76
GRO death ref: Dec.1976.Drakes.Cecil.Boston.7.1366. aged 77
GRO death ref: Mar.1977.Drakes.Elizabeth May.Portsmouth.20.0858. aged 74
GRO death ref: Sep.1977.Drakes.Mary Jane H.Scunthorpe.7.0992. aged 81/2
GRO death ref: Sep.1977.Drakes.Sidney.Scunthorpe.7.0978. aged 63
GRO death ref: Dec.1977.Drakes.Andrew.Scunthorpe.7.1145. aged 0
GRO death ref: Dec.1977.Drakes.Edna May.Scunthorpe.7.1245. aged 76
GRO death ref: Dec.1977.Drakes.Edward Dashwood T.Grimsby.7.0378. aged 74
GRO death ref: Mar.1978.Dracass.Arthur Thomas H.Boston.7.1509. aged 86
GRO death ref: Mar.1978.Dracass.Leslie George.Norwich.10.2085. aged 70
GRO death ref: Mar.1978.Drakes.Mary Winifred.Grimsby.7.0539. aged 91
GRO death ref: Sep.1978.Drakes.Dorothy.Doncaster.3.0354. aged 81
GRO death ref: Sep.1978.Drakes.Edward Nathaniel.Hackney.12.1257. aged 58
GRO death ref: Dec.1978.Drakes.Denis.Rotherham.3.0958. aged 58/9
GRO death ref: Dec.1978.Drakes.Dorothy Eva.Scunthorpe.7.1100. aged 63/4
GRO death ref: Dec.1978.Drakes.Ernest Brewster.Scunthorpe.7.1204. aged 64
GRO death ref: Dec.1978.Drakes.Gladys Elizabeth A.Grimsby.7.0402. aged 78
GRO death ref: Mar.1979.Drakes.Gladys May.Scunthorpe.7.1463. aged 65
GRO death ref: Sep.1979.Dracass.Gladys.Sheffield.3.0983. aged 77
GRO death ref: Dec.1979.Drakes.Cyril.Gainsborough.7.1492. aged 78
GRO death ref: Mar.1980.Dracass.Samuel Norman.Sheffield.3.1276. aged 66
GRO death ref: Mar.1980.Drakes.Laura Minnie.Leeds.5.0369. aged 87
GRO death ref: Jun.1980.Drakes.Florence.Grimsby.7.0420. aged 82
GRO death ref: Jun.1980.Drakes.George.Rotherham.3.0696. aged 65
GRO death ref: Jun.1980.Drakes.Muriel.Lincoln.7.1611. aged 85
GRO death ref: Jun.1980.Drax.Kathleen Media I.P.E.E.Poole.23.0847. aged 86
GRO death ref: Sep.1980.Drax.May Valentine E.Ashford.16.0014. aged 73
GRO death ref: Dec.1980.Drakes.Florry.Scunthorpe.7.1324. aged 79
GRO death ref: Mar.1981.Dracass.Olive.Poole.23.0744. aged 77/8
GRO death ref: Mar.1981.Drakes.Louie.Doncaster.3.0604. aged 77
GRO death ref: Mar.1981.Drakes.Mary.Louth.7.2098. aged 76/7
GRO death ref: Mar.1981.Drax.Dorothy Elizabeth S.E.Shepway.16.1751. aged 84
GRO death ref: Mar.1981.Drax.John.Beverley.7.0010. aged 83
GRO death ref: Jun.1981.Drakes.Thomas.Barnsley.3.0253. aged 78/9
GRO death ref: Sep.1981.Drakes.Thomas Henry.Lincoln.7.1476. aged 66/7
GRO death ref: Dec.1981.Drakes.Walter Wilfrid.Caistor.7.1511. aged 87
GRO death ref: Mar.1982.Drakes.Amy Vien.Mansfield.8.0398. aged 81
GRO death ref: Mar.1982.Drakes.Mildred.Scunthorpe.7.1392. aged 75/6
GRO death ref: Mar.1982.Drakes.Raymond Grant.Grimsby.7.0580. aged 55
GRO death ref: Jun.1982.Drakes.Daniel Mundy.Spalding.7.1873. aged 64
GRO death ref: Jun.1982.Drakes.Lizzie.Spilsby.7.1973. aged 93/4
GRO death ref: Sep.1982.Dracass.Maud.Boston.7.1223. aged 75
GRO death ref: Dec.1982.Drakes.Algernon Cecil.Lincoln.7.1698. aged 75
GRO death ref: Dec.1982.Drakes.Ellen Gertrude.Scunthorpe.7.1230. aged 84
GRO death ref: Dec.1982.Drakes.Lydia May.Caistor.7.1460. aged 94
GRO death ref: Dec.1982.Drax.John Charles W.Ashford.16.0120. aged 88/9
GRO death ref: Dec.1982.Drax.Sydney Raymond.Hull.7.0914. aged 62
GRO death ref: Mar.1983.Drakes.Betsy.Scunthorpe.7.1362. aged 88/9
GRO death ref: Mar.1983.Drakes.Joseph William.Bromsgrove.29.0107. aged 85
GRO death ref: Mar.1983.Drakes.Ruth Annie.Lincoln.7.1893. aged 82/3
GRO death ref: Jun.1983.Drakes.Audrey Mary.Nottingham.8.0804. aged 50
GRO death ref: Sep.1983.Drakes.John Francis.Lincoln.7.1593. aged 67
GRO death ref: Dec.1983.Dracas.William Arthur J.York.2.2908. aged 78
GRO death ref: Dec.1983.Drakes.Charles William.Lincoln.7.1699. aged 67

[from here the number format in use = month/yr-vol-page]

GRO death ref: Jan.1984.Drakes.Elfreda Elizabeth.Gloucester.0184-22-2015. aged 58/9
GRO death ref: Mar.1984.Drakes.Wilfred.Scunthorpe.0384-7-1235. aged 78/9
GRO death ref: Sep.1984.Dracas.Louie.Claro.0984-2-1800. aged 78/9
GRO death ref: Jan.1985.Drakes.Winifred Kate.Dacorum.0185-10-0116. aged 80/1
GRO death ref: Feb.1985.Drakes.Ethel Mary.Caistor.0285-7-1633. aged 83/4
GRO death ref: Apr.1985.Drakes.Ronald William.Scunthorpe.0485-7-1197. aged 69/70
GRO death ref: May.1985.Dracas.Juliet Elaine.Spilsby.0585-7-2094. aged 37/8
GRO death ref: May.1985.Drakes.Harry.Scunthorpe.0585-7-1098. aged 73/4
GRO death ref: Jul.1985.Drakes.John Webster.Scunthorpe.1285-7-1263. aged 78/9
GRO death ref: Sep.1985.Drakes.Donald Frank.Leicester C.0985-6-1407. aged 66/7
GRO death ref: Sep.1985.Drakes.Mary Rosline.Lincoln.0985-7-1520. aged 96/7
GRO death ref: Sep.1985.Drakes.Melvyn William.Scunthorpe.0985-7-1121. aged 46/7
GRO death ref: Jul.1986.Drakes.Charles Edward.Lincoln.0786-7-1612. aged 72/3
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Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Dylan Marlais Thomas (1914-1953)


Where next?

There are more than enough stars in the universe to match the number of 'humans' that have ever lived, or are ever likely to live in the future before we become extinct as a species! If, as many of the world's religions teach, we go from here to a place called 'Heaven'; just where is it and what does it look like? I tried to imagine somewhere 'out there' that might be the place where spirits go after their Earthly existence - then I saw this photograph from space, and just wondered if a vast collection of Earthly Spirits might look like this!

The Cat's Eye Nebula: dying star creates a fantasy-like sculpture of gas and dust; see:

“He was determined to discover the underlying logic behind the universe - which was going to be hard, because there wasn't one.” - “The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.” Terry Pratchett

Susan: "Your saying that humans need fanatsies to make life bearable?" Death: "No, humans need fantasy to be human; to be the place where the falling angel meets the rising ape." Susan: "With toothfaries, hogfathers?" Death: "Yes; that's practice; you have to start out learning to believe the little lies." Susan: "So we can believe the big ones?" Death: "Yes, Justice, Mercy, Duty, that sort of thing." Susan: "But they're not the same at all." Death: "You think so; then take the universe and grind it down to the finest powder, and sieve it through the finest sieve and then show me one atom of justice, one molecule of mercy. And yet, you try to act as if there is some ideal order in the world; as if there is some rightness in the Universe by which it may be judged." Susan: "But people have got to believe that, or what's the point?" Death: "You need to believe in things that aren't true; how else can they become?" from 'The Hogfather' by Terry Pratchett (gone, but not forgotten)