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The Drakes Reunion 2006

The gathering of the drakes' family

Is it just a coincidence that Lincolnshire folk say, "Ay up me duck"?

The big family group with everyone who was there, except my wife who kindly took the photo.

A 'Drakes Family Reunion' (Lincolnshire Wolds branch) was held during the afternoon of Sunday 13th August 2006 in northwest Lincolnshire. About 80 Drakes descendants attended and some came from as far as the south coast and London. It was a really successful event with an excellent buffet, tea and a wine for the toast to 'The Drakes family'. Many members of the extended family met for the first time and considerable interest was shown in the family tree and photos on display. We saw lots of names and addresses being exchanged and lots of photos taken.

A lot of work had been put into a pictoral display for all to read.

Many thanks to Chris & Mary, who so successfuly hosted the event. There were also many 'unsung heros' who worked hard behind the scenes towards such a successful day; these included their families and friends - one couple weren't even related! Thanks also for the support given to the event by everyone who attended, especially those who travelled great distances. The event was set for 3.30pm to 5.30pm, but, as often happens with such a good event, no-one wanted to go home, so it lasted a bit longer. There will be many letters and phone calls over the coming months as a result of conversations begun there, and many new friendships formed for future years.

I gave a short talk about the history of the family, which was followed by a toast to 'The Drakes family' given by Will Ramsay a great great grandson of 'Big John' Drakes of Stainton Hall.

I would love to see another such event in the near future, but such events take a lot of time to organise, and require someone who lives in the north Lincolnshire area, and who is willing and able to organise one. Whilst the organisers this time kindly covered the costs themselves and several people, having travelled hundreds of miles had travelling costs as well as accomodation to pay, I don't believe that there would be any objection to a small 'ticket fee' to cover costs for any future event.

Ken Drakes, the son of Ezra Drakes, and thus a grandson of 'Big John' Drakes of Stainton Hall, with his wife Ethel; sadly, they both died in 2010. There are very few of their generation who are still living.

Please contact me if you would be interested in coming to a future event, stating your link to a Drakes if not your present surname, and I will contact you if we are having another gathering.

So, what we now need is a willing volunteer, preferably with lots of willing friends and family, and living in North Lincolnshire!

(The dustjacket from Ducks & Drakes, by Vernon Stokes & Cynthia Harnet)

Our once 'lost' Lincolnshire family found in USA & Canada - Reunion 2013

One elder line of my own family tree emigrated to Canada and lost contact with the UK branches. Some members of that family later emigrated from Canada to the USA, and descendants still live in both countries today. Thanks to Ruth Drakes, who made contact with me via this website, we are now in touch with those in the USA. Three members of this family came to the UK in early May 2013 and we met them in London for a day out together. I cannot express how close we felt to them and, as we parted about 12 hours later, we knew that we were really going to miss our 'new-found' distant cousins. We will keep in touch and, hopefully, meet again soon. They have left a big hole in our lives, and we wish that we all lived nearer to each other. Our common ancestors were Joseph Drakes (b.1818) and his wife Anne Cade (b.1823); they were our great great grandparents.

Ruth                                                Julie                                                Rob

So, where are our other cousins in Canada; if you know them, please ask them to make contact with us. They will be descendants of Joseph Hedley Vicars Drakes (b.1877 at Cold Hanworth, Lincolnshire) and Ellen Vashti Doughty (b.1885 at Grimsby, Lincolnshire). They emigrated to Canada in 1914, have first visited Canada in 1912, and some of them emigrated to New York, USA in 1920.


My own half-brother and his family still live in Canada, where my father was first married. Sadly, his family have dropped the all important 's' off the end of 'Drakes', so are known as 'Drake', which is a different and more common surname. He has four children, the eldest of whom is my neice Liz.