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Motocross motorcycle champion Mark Sean Wakely (b.1991), who is a 'Drakes' descendant, started racing at only 7 years old. He was 4th in the 8-11 group in England when he was 10 years old. He won the All British Championships in 2002. In 2005 Mark was South West champion in his age group and was in the top 15 riders in the country. In 2006, aged 14, he was given a new bike from Albion Motorcycles in Exeter and Honda UK, and was the new 'factory rider' for Team Albion Honda. In June 2006, he finished overall 2nd in the All British Championships at Brookthorpe, Gloucestershire. All was still looking good for Mark's Motocross career. He was later badly injured and missed a racing season whilst recovering; he eventually retired from Motocross racing in 2010. It is a dangerous sport and we are pleased that he has survived his experiences. What a courageous young man he is.